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Thread: Moncton Gentlemen's club

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    Moncton Gentlemen's club

    Hey evryone. It's my first time puting a post here and as my name say's, I'm french so sorry for the mistakes here and there.

    I got to travel for business all the time and I'm trying this hobby and I'm quite new at it. I'm in Fredericton and I was looking for a good time. I could not put my Hand on a newspaper and the ansers I got from the yellow pages where not what I wanted to hear. Body of mine told me about the Gent's Club in Moncton and I went. About an hour and a half away.

    First, if you ever go the club, don't be misleaded by the opening hours on the front door, they're wrong and also you should enter from the side door. The place is open since 1977 or 76 and it show's. It's not quite clean in there but people are very welcoming. There was only one girl available at that time. Sheila, 19-21 years old, a litle chubby but I like that kind. I ad to pay at the reception 120$ for an hour no 1/2 hours service. There is a jacuzzi and several rooms. She took me to the blue room. LIke I said hearlyer, old and not quite clean. She asked me to grab a shower. We started with a massage wicht was quite good and about 10 minutes after she asked me what I wanted. It was a long time since I ad anny type of action and I asked how much for a second release and she said 60$. I wanted a BJ for that but the house rules is for the girl to bring only one condom for each client so we agreed for a hand job. One of the main thing that bugs me is that she was very cold. No talking, no smile and she wanted to get over with as fast as she could. As soon as the hand job was done, the condom was on and she gave me a BJ. Not bad but I would of like more control over the timing. We then finished it doggy style and I could not change position unless I wanted to pay extra .

    In conclusion, I think I will try Foxy's Paradise in Fredericton next time because an hour an a half drive is not worted. Like I said, I'm new to the hobby and open to sugestion from others.

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    Bonjour frenchjambon,

    Before you call Foxy`s Paradise, I strongly recommend that you check out the thread entitled "Escorting in PEI, Maritimes - Avoid" ( You`ll be in a better position to make an informed decision.


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    Thank's Martimer, I'll inform myself by reading the thread you're talking about. I was thinking about Foxy's Paradise because of their web site, but I guess it just means they are a litle more professional than the others. The web site make me think about what we can see from agencies in Montreal and it give me a good feeling.

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