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Thread: Happy Birthday, Celine!!

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    Happy Birthday, Celine!!

    I wish to extend my sincere birthday wishes to the wonderful Celine on this wonderful day, her 32nd birthday (i believe). Have a great birthday, my friend!

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    Cool 32

    Is that in SP years?

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    Happy birthday Celine!! Don't do anything we wouldn't do

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    Bonne fete Celine!

    Yes, happy birthday darling...I still owe you a dinner.


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    Happy Birthday!

    My wish for you is a light soul and a happy heart, that you make laughter as important as air, and play as essential as hard work...
    That you believe in yourself and the magic and power that are all your own, and that your eyes are open to the miracles within and around you...

    Happy Happy Birthday ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Board Stiff
    Is that in SP years?
    Funny Boy.... 36 to be exact (in real years)

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes very nice

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