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    Travel Info

    You guys have a great board here. I am from the US and want to travel from the NJ area to Montreal. Only weekends are possible and the airline ticket prices are out of this world.

    Could any of you comment on other modes of travel. I do not want to drive. Amtrak seems nice but their schedules are crappy so is Greyhound the only option left?

    Please advise,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chick Digger
    Could any of you comment on other modes of travel. I do not want to drive. Amtrak seems nice but their schedules are crappy so is Greyhound the only option left?

    Please advise,

    James - taking the Amtrak is tedious - I know from experience... but the scenery is lovely in the fall, I would highly recommend doing that trip at least once come September. Greyhound isn't as bad as it sounds. Take an overnighter, not only do you not waste a full day on board, but you make better time overnight, to Montreal and back. If you take Greyhound, make sure to bring a blanket, a pillow, some slippers, and dress in a sweatsuit (much more comfy). Music is a good go along too, but don't bother with a book, the light is not sufficient for reading. Try to sit midway up, close enough to the washroom to use it easily, but not so close that you can smell it (and boy can it smell sometimes). Do your best to get the 2 seats to yourself - I put my headphones on, and my bag on the seat next to the window and sit on the aisle side, making it as inconvenient to take the seat as possible. (I know - mean, but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do!)

    Have fun!


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    If I may ask, how come you do not want to drive?
    I live in the NJ are as well, and find the 6-hour drive a little long, but worth it. You can always stop in a couple of different places along the way (Like Lake George or Plattsburgh) to break up the drive and take short breaks.

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    I make a 6 hour drive to Montreal all the time, and unless your driver's license is suspended, I agree with ck_nj. For me it's easier to drive up through Vermont rather than NY, a lot less traffic and it's much more scenic, although the weather in the Vermont mountains is very unpredictable.

    If you take the NY route and stop in the Lake George area on the way back to New Jersey, there is a wonderful little place called Oscar's which makes their own smoked meats and cheese (they have their own smokehouse). Especially good is their ham, bacon and beef jerky. See their website:

    I have ordered their beef jerky online many times. It's quite different than most other beef jerky that I have had - very unique (wafer thin) and tasty.
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    You can also try Priceline to bring down those airline tickets to a more acceptable level.

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    Thanks guys for your prompt reply, I am a little releaved that greyhound is not that bad. The reason I wont drive is I am up in NJ for just the summer (I live in midwest) and dont want to drive up there.

    I guess renting a car is not a bad idea then (but parking in DT montreal is pretty expensive). I was trying to see if there are other buses (like the china bus), but so far no luck.

    Your thread on Priceline was such an eye opener, I have kicked myself so many times after reading the threads. Man I feel like such a fool for coughing up more than double the money for all the hotel stays.

    Once I stayed at a Days Inn in Miami for $100 and it was the worst room ever (noisy, smelly etc.). It was probably the cheapest option available at that time though.



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    You can buy non stop air over the weekend from Newark to Montreal for $379 roundtrip.

    I don't think you can run a car back and forth for much less if you take into acct the cost of gas, tolls, and parking in Montreal.

    You say you are from the midwest? Continental Air is running Cle-Yul almost every weekend for $78.

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