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Thread: MSN article: No cure for bad breath

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    Unhappy MSN article: No cure for bad breath

    No clear winner in fight against bad breath: most methods only mask odors
    19/04/2006 5:13:00 PM

    (HealthDay News) - There's no conclusive evidence to indicate which approach - mouthwash, breath mint, spray, chewing gum or mechanical tongue cleaning - is most effective for treating bad breath (halitosis), says a new review of previous clinical studies.

    "From the results of some low-powered trials, tongue cleaning, scraping and brushing do appear to have some benefit at reducing halitosis, and the effects appear to be short-lived," review co-investigator Zbys Fedorowicz, a periodontist at the Ministry of Health in Bahrain, said in a prepared statement. "But we were unable to find any reliable evidence confirming any benefits of using tongue-scraping over mouthwash, or vice-versa, at reducing halitosis."

    Halitosis is caused by accumulated bacteria and the decay of food particles and other debris in the mouth.

    Currently, there are no standard and accepted methods for treating halitosis. Mouthwashes, sprays, mints and gums provide a competing and temporary smell that masks bad breath. Some mouth rinses have ingredients that neutralize the odor or the bacteria that produce it.

    Tongue brushing and scraping dislodge trapped food and bacteria, which can also be reduced by improving oral hygiene.

    The findings appear in the latest issue of the journal The Cochrane Library.

    More information

    The American Dental Association has more about:

    SOURCE: Health Behavior News Service, news release, April 18, 2006

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver kloseoff
    as well research shows proper maintance of teeth can add to longitivity as bacteria from bad or rotting teeth can affect the heart
    Very, very true, some researchers even believe that a lot of inflammatory diseases are also exacerbated by improper oral hygiene.


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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver kloseoff
    although i agree with the above
    i always carry chlorets gum with me --ive met many people who either from food or drink their breath is terrible--i have a nose like a houndog--and after simply given a person with bad breath a few of these i could talk to them --it might not be a total cure but it helps
    obviously nothing ebats regular trips to the dentist and flossing and regular brushing
    I am so sensitive to scent that I can't wear cologne or I start sneezing. I can always smell a smoker and they are always surprised I can smell smoking from even the lightest smokers.

    My Advice:
    Flossing does the most to curb bad breath unless it comes from the stomach.

    Strong gum is the best for short-term "French Kissing".

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