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Thread: How many of you have been ripped off by the ticket Nazis?

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    How many of you have been ripped off by the ticket Nazis?

    I have been noticing a lot of speed traps around Montreal recently, these are all manned by the new ticket nazis that they just hatched and have popped out of their cockaroach holes.
    I myself have been robbed by these heartless and souless theives. I will be fighting the ticket I recieved.
    I would like one of you kind gentlemen to translate a phrase from the ticket for me;

    J'ai signifič (check box) lors de la perpetration de l'infraction.

    My understanding of this phrase is that he actualy witnessed that I was driving at an excessive speed (52 km. in a 30 km. zone) I think that I have a case since he was hiding around the corner with an orange vest on and another cockaraoche too the laser reading. He did not pop up until I got to the intersection and did not witness my excessive speed.

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    Pasted out of a previous thread:

    On a similar note anyone who drives the Victoria Bridge should be aware now that during afternoon rush hours Montreal's finest oinkers are always parked at the corner of Wellington and Bridge. They sit behind the old building where shipping containers are now stored and have one or two piglets stand there waiting for people to either blow a light or more frequently block traffic when the light changes. The issue with the latter item is that many times you have no clue if traffic is still flowing as you get to the point of no return. If you just happen to go and it stops suddenly in front of you then you are nailed.

    What's best is that these idiots will go and cut across the right lane to signal a guy in the left lane in which screws up traffic even more. Must make their mamas real proud....


    What was funny as hell is that the day after I posted this, there was no less than 7 police cruisers parked in the lot. Just a bunch of pork sitting around waiting for the 2 idiots in orange vests to haul people in.

    Then during the week when there was a bit of rain and the weather was generally crappy there was a grand total of ZERO.

    They still can't figure out why no one respects them?

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