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    Cool Tales of a Masseuse

    Tales of a Masseuse


    My name is Kimberly. I'm a 25-year-old Amerasian female, 5'6" 118 lbs., long brown hair, hazel eyes.

    I hold a Masters Degree in Marketing. I'm single and currently work part-time on Saturday nights as a Masseuse in an exclusive establishment in the Northeast USA. I have a full-time career but can't seem to give up the massage thing.

    It's not the money; it's the erotic experiences and the interesting people that I meet, both men and women. (Yes…I like both!).

    Susan has inspired me to share an erotic experience with you all… so here goes…

    One Saturday, I arrived at work. Our office manager gave me my appointments for the evening. Every night, the manager reviews the house rules; no penetration of any kind; handjobs are ok only if the client requests it; if you get busted you're on your own. Pretty simple.

    Some info regarding professional massages: clients pay $50 at the door to the house for a 40 minute session. The Masseuse works on tips which are $40for topless, $60 for g-string, or $80 for nude. All options include a manual release AKA handjob. Most clients will go for the nude option.

    I don't do anything else, however, some of the girls will do oral or "full service" for additional tips. They are basically on their own if they get busted.

    Tonight I was expecting the typical client, male, married, horny and looking for some fun & relief. I had 7 appointments lined up. I usually allow the clients to touch and kiss my breasts and play with my clit. I typically don't reach orgasm during the sessions and by the end of the night I'm a madwoman! Many times I need to masturbate before I leave the building to go home.

    However, that night something happened that was out of the ordinary…

    My last client was a tall, extremely handsome guy with a vibrant personality. He had an amazing body! When he undressed I was in awe. My mind was racing with images of us having torrid sex on the table. He took the traditional shower and laid belly down on the table…

    I started to massage his shoulders and back with warm oil. His muscles glistened. As I moved down to his buttocks he started to squirm. I could tell he liked what I was doing. All the time we talked about what he liked sexually. He told me he liked to be caressed and kissed all over his body, which is different for a guy. He also told me he liked to watch a woman reach orgasm. I finished massaging his legs, and now it was time to flip over for the grand finale.

    When he rolled over his penis was fully erect and looked magnificent! I started to massage his chest, playing with his nipples. He reached up and started to caress my nipples. I leaned over and placed one in front of his face, inviting him to kiss it. He took it between his lips and began licking and sucking it gently, making my pussy ooze. He then reached down and started to massage my pussy, running his finger through my pubic hair spreading my lips and feeling my wetness.

    When his finger touched my clit I thought I was going to explode. I was in such a trance that I stopped massaging him and just stood there while he played with me.

    (Btw, I'm getting very excited re-living this. My pussy is wet and I'm having some difficulty typing with one hand lol).

    He then looked up into my eyes, sat up and lifted me onto the table. Standing over me, he began to lick and suck my nipples. He worked his way down my belly and began to kiss my pubic area. His tongue darted out and found my clit. At this point I felt I should stop him, but I couldn't. His tongue circled my clit faster and faster. My pussy began to contract and I knew I was going to have an intense orgasm.
    (I'm almost there now!)

    I felt my orgasm building to the point of no return… Finally, I couldn't control myself and came like an animal, moaning with hips arching, and convulsing with pleasure. I NEVER came like this with a client!

    I knew he was ready for his orgasm as his cock was oozing with pre-cum. I laid him back on the table and sucked on his nipples. His cock was rock hard as I reached down to stroke it. It felt so smooth. I ran my tongue down his belly and I knew I was about to break the house rules. I reached his cock and now had to make a decision. I wanted to suck him so bad… I wanted to feel him cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste it!

    But I knew it was too risky. I began to kiss his cock, licking it from the head down to his balls. He was moaning and his cock was throbbing in my hand. I started to stroke him faster and faster while I licked the underside of his cock. I felt his hips arch and his body stiffen. I was waiting for the cum to shoot out. I LOVE to see cum shoot. Very erotic to me. The first shot was amazing! It flew through the air and landed on my cheek. I began to stroke him harder and he continued to shoot 5 or 6 jets that landed on my hands and on my face. It felt so hot. I continued to stroke him until he begged me to stop. (Another first, huh?).

    After I cleaned us up, we held each other for a few minutes; neither of us said a word. He finally got up, reached into his wallet, put $200 on the table and left. I never saw him again.

    To this day I still think about him and the session when I masturbate.

    Will I ever see him again? Who was he?

    Want to read more about me? Of course you do...
    Click on the link below and you'll be taken to either

    Kimberly's Kiss
    susan's home on the web:

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    do u think the story is real? it seems bit fictional

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    Quote Originally Posted by volvo2006
    do u think the story is real? it seems bit fictional
    It may be fiction but I loved reading it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Gonad
    It may be fiction but I loved reading it!
    No it's completely true, except for the part about the $200.
    She wouldn't accept it, no matter how hard I tried. Also the part about me being a tall, extremely handsome guy with a vibrant personality and an amazing body, well most of that is true but to be honest, I'm only 5'10".
    Besides these little discrepancies the story is totally true. However I must admit, I'm not comfortable with my session being reviewed on these pages

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    Where did you get this article, in an old penthouse magazine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by J. Peterman
    Where did you get this article, in an old penthouse magazine?

    I posted a link at the end of the article.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Daringly
    Mrten i have to dispute this. I am pretty sure she was reviewing me.
    Mods i am requesting that you delete all future reviews on me that the ladies write.(LOL)
    I won't argue with you on this one Daringly. It happens so often that my money isn't accepted so it's quite possible that I somehow confused the girl.

    It is an interesting encounter that you had however, and one that you should have reviewed, just for the other members benefit

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