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Thread: Quebec City - Locals spots

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    Quebec City - Locals spots

    I have recently been spending a few days a week in Quebec City (Thursday - Sunday) and it looks like I will continue to do so for most of the summer - what a beautiful city by the way.

    Anyway I was hoping some locals would be able to help me out with some restaurants/bars/etc... Some cool little spots that the tourists don't know about, I'm not looking for anything pretentious I prefer quality of food and ambiance, a little Italian restaurant would be great if anyone knows of one. Also maybe a quiet pub or 2 for the occaisional afternoon beverage or 4...

    Where are you guys hiding all of the strip clubs??? I could also use a suggestion for a good one of these too.

    I'm not a big fan of the overpriced and the over rated, just looking for a nice friendly spot to hang out.

    Oh ya almost forgot - Are there any decent public Golf Courses around??? I usually like to play 2/3 times a week but haven't been able to since I've been going up to Quebec. If anyone is a member of a private club and wants to bring me to their club as a guest (I'll pay my own green fee) I would be more than happy to return the favor and bring you to my club here in Montreal when you come down.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Whats wrong with you folks in "Capital City"??? Help a brother out here...
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    Restaurant Recommendation

    I have a restaurant to recommend. It's French, and the food is superb, but it is not pretentious. It is called Le St. Amour, and I think it's on Rue St. Ursule. It may be a bit pricey.

    You could also try Serge Bruyere; I have not eaten there, but it's highly rated.

    Sorry but that's all I can helo you with; I don't live in Quebec City

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    Thank you Chef, I getting ready to head up in a few hours I will try Le St.Amour over the weekend. I don't mind restaurants being pricey as long as the food/service is good, I just don't like paying through the nose because some phoney baloney decided it is the "in" place to be seen. (the less I'm "seen" the happier I am).

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    Quote Originally Posted by spin
    Thank you Chef, I getting ready to head up in a few hours I will try Le St.Amour over the weekend. ...........
    Post your experience here after you do....maybe even start a Quebec City Restaurant thread. I would, but it's been 2 years since I last ate there, so would not be able to do it justice from memory; I just remember that it was great.

    On that trip I had lunch at a place called "Cafe de Paris" - it was terrible.

    My memory is returning slowly....I ate at a really nice restaurant called "Graffiti" in Quebec City; can't remember any details about the food, just that it was good.

    I should also mention that near Sainte Anne de Beaupre is an auberge/restaurant called "La Camarine" that has really good food (been a few years since I was there, though). Their breakfast was sensational. There may well be golf courses in the area.
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    Merci beaucoup JNJ, pour les sorties je cherche plus une petit bar tranquille ou je pourrais aller dans l'apres midi prendre une verre ou deux.

    I tend to be busy at night with work so I was just looking for a little place to hang out in the late afternoon/early evening for a few drinks and maybe some food. One of my parteners told me to try the "Mondial" - he said they have a nice terrasse.


    (I almost never write in french so I hope you can actually understand my attempt above - )
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    Good stuff G1GBallday!

    Thanks, I'll will definitly post a review of the restaurants I do go to in Quebec and will continue to do so over the summer.

    I've been to Quebec a few times over the years but really just for a day or 2, this is the first time I've ever had to spend an extended amount of time there and I have to admit that I'm growing very fond of it. It truly is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JacknJill
    Hey spin, are you going to hobby Qc city sp?

    You would be a very good part time contributor to this thread!

    Well this week I'm actually bringing a "friend" along for the weekend and you know what they say - "You have to dance with the girl you brought to the prom" but I'm sure there will be at least a little hobbying being done over the summer and I will definitly post any and all experiences in the QC thread.
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    Here are a few quick reviews from my weekend in Quebec:


    On Sunday morning I went to Cosmos (on Grande-Allee) for breakfast and had one of the best plates of French Toast ever! It was done on homemade bread made baked with fresh strawberry's, raspberry's, and blueberry's served with more fresh fruit covering the plate and Maple sirup - Absolutly Terrific!!! I highly recommend this place for breakfast, I will defintly go back (probably eveytime I'm in Quebec ).


    Was invited to play a round at Royal Quebec over the weekend, beautiful club in very nice condition - If you ever have a chance to play here do not pass it up. Opened up with a 40 on the front nine (from the back tees) but then fell apart a-la David Duval on the back with a 52

    Bringing us to Drinking:

    After being pressed on the back nine and obviously losing, I was obligated to buy the afternoons drinks. We stopped at a bar called Mondial which is just outside of Old Quebec, had a few beers but didn't stay long as it was raining so we couldn't enjoy the terrasse (will go back though) then ended up at an Irish pub in Old Quebec which was very cool for another 4 or 5 pints - The name escapes me for the moment but I will edit this post later with the name as I have matches in my car.

    Didn't have much time for anything at dinners worth mentioning as I was pretty busy at night and my "friend" that accompanied me likes to sleep most of the late afternoon/early evening away - by the time she woke up I (we) were off to work, so it was over priced average room service and fast food for dinner.


    Stayed at the Loews ( as I usually do, very nice hotel with good service and great location. I do recommend and I will most likely continue to stay here, although I'm considering trying the Chateau Frontenac (a Fairmount hotel) next week.

    Thanks again for all the recommendations.

    Try everything in life at least once, except incest & maybe square dancing.

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    Not from Quebec City but go there alot!

    Hey Spin, here is my contribution on the style (borowed from) G1G:

    • Steak - Le Charbon, no question;
      Sushi - Yuzu Sushi Bar, again no question here;
      Asian - Apsara, agree;
    • Indian - Garm Marsala on Rue Cartier;
    • French Cusine traditional: Ste-Amour in Old Quebec;
    • French Cusine nouvelle: Laurie Raphael on the Port Area;
    • Chinese: Elysee Mandarin just insde the walls of the old city;
    • Best table in town (for me): Le Champlain at the Chateau Frontenac;
    • Italian - Michelangelo, Oh Yea Baby!;
    Pubs / Bars:

    • Thomas Dunn, Agree
    • Sainte-Alexandre Agree as well
    • Bar Lounge: There is a hotel just besides City Hall (sorry I can not remember its name, but ask in the city, there is only one big hotel besides City Hall. In there on Thursdays and Fridays at the Bar lounge there is a Jazz band, that is not bad, go there order a whisky and enjoy the tunes !
    • The Cigar Room on Grand Allee, A nice glass of Oporto and a Cigar! COOOOL, add a beatifull woman and nice conversation and you have HEAVEN
    Strip Clubs:
    • Lady Mary-Ann, I think this is the best place and only one to go (my opinion)
    • Le Folichon, (only if option A is not possible because to far to contain horninest or too drunk to drive there)
    Public Golf Course:

    Do not know I HATE GOLF!

    Best place to relax:

    • The Manoir du Lac Delage ( close enough to the city s you can get girls to come and see you, far enough so that your boring friends will not)
    • The Nordic Spa on Stoneham, nice relaxation all the way.
    Best Hotel

    • Le Auberge Ste-Antoine
    There you go, have fun.
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    Beaugarte - My experience

    Disclaimer: in this story, there is no sex involved. I wanted to bring to your attention my recent experience at the Beaugarte.

    Last Thursday evening, I was in Quebec and I had heard about the Beaugarte, which is considered as a good pick up environment in the beautiful city of Quebec. I get dressed up in a sharp black suit and arrive there around 22:00. My first surprise was to see that people there were mostly in their 30ies and above. There were of course university students but they were in their minority. Music was loud and actually pretty good. Many people on the dance floor. What I liked about the place was that while music was loud on the dance floor, the intensity of the music dropped at the levels of tables, so that one can have a conversation without having to scream in the ear of your friends, guests or newly found date.

    So, the first thing that I do when entering in the place was to scope out the place. I walked 3 times around the bar, just to get a sense to what I was getting into. I examined the people dancing, at the bar, what are the approximate ages of the ladies and gents, how they are dressed, what they were drinking. I would say that I kept to myself soaking in the atmosphere for the first 30 min or so. To be honest, I was not looking for a pickup, but just to be there and relax.

    Then, I ordered a glass of red wine and went on the margin of the dance floor. While taking sips of the wine, it was obvious that some ladies were looking at me and talking between themselves. One lady, I would say in her early 40 ies, long blond hair came up to me and danced around me, giving me "the look". I was turned off because she was dressed in a tight pair of jeans with a tank top. It was less than flattering on her as she was trying to imitate a young chick in her teens. I did not respond. Other ladies that were looking at the scene got interested since they figured that I would out there for a lady of good taste. It was funny because 2 ladies in particular, early 30ies I estimate were dancing together. They were looking at me but, did not approach. Suddenly, out of the blue, another lady dressed in white, came up to me and started a conversation. I was kind enough to talk to her about 5-7 minutes but the nose ring was not a turn on for me. While I was talking to her, the 2 dancing ladies that I was referring to left the dance floor, probably saying to themselves that I was caught for the evening or something. Since she was not my type, I politely excused myself and took another slow walk around the bar.

    I noticed the typical guy sitting in the bar. The guys mostly weared jeans and a shirt, drinking their beer out of the bottle. Guys, come on, do you have a body to die for and that chicks will fall all over you. You are one in 100. Remember above, I did wear my best suit, I really looked sharp. The wine glass (can be filled with wine, apple or grape juice for that matter) added a touch of sophestication. I was also quite sober. I saw a few guys out there pretty hammered, probably expecting to get laid during the evening. Guess what, it won't happen.

    Now, after I "fled" the nice but the not my type lady, I saw a nice lady, waring tastefull jeans and a nice blouse. She was talking to a guy that seemed to have had a drink or 2 over his limit. When I passed, she stopped talking to the guy and stared at me. I gave her a nice smile but did not move towards her. 3-4 minutes passed and she finished her conversation with the guy. I wanted to meet with her since she seemed nice. I passed by her slowly and she said hi. "Hi", I replied. For the next hour, we chatted alot, small talk mostly but we exchanged some personal info. At one point, we went dancing and it was obvious that I was her type. She was dancing, by slowly turning her back to me and rubbing herself on my chest. We touched while dancing, with our hands and hips.

    When we went back to the bar, I was sitting on the stool since I am tall and she was standing between my legs. We continued to talk but it was funny how she kept gently accidentally bumping into my groin part. Also, I could feel her breasts on my chest as she was talking to me in my ear. I in turn, put my hand from time to time on her hip. Our faces were very close to one another and I could smell the fragrance of her skin and hair. It was obvious that we were turned on by one another. But, I kept saying to myself that I am a gentleman and she is NOT an SP. This prevented me to touch her in other places and I resisted the urge to kiss her then and there.

    It was then around midnight and I had an early start next morning. I told her that I am turning into a pumpkin and that I had to go. She laughed of course. She offered me her phone number then and there. I took it gracefully of course, kissed her good bye and left.

    What are the key messages of this post:

    1) the hunt is as gratifying as being laid by an SP. I did not expect to get out of there with a phone number. My expectations for the evening were surpassed.

    2) Dress up. Loose the denim and the bottle of beer. How do you want to get noticed if you dress and act like most guys in a bar. Do things differently, you will get noticed as I did. Please remember that I am not an adonis and do not have a body to die for. I do keep in shape though and I am relatively lean and muscular.

    3) Behave as a gentleman and do not jump on every occasion that is offered to you. Wait until you find a nice lady to spend your time. Remember, time is a precious resource. If the lady does not turn you on, pass and wait.

    4) The Beaugarte has enormous potential as a pick up place. I would not plan to get banged after the evening though. It is a place to relax and unwind while meeting interesting people. I highly recommend you going there.

    I hope this is useful to you.

    Lone Rider

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    Nicely done Lone Rider...

    Got laid there a few times..
    Be nice and differrent is aften the key of success

    Le Merlin( Rue Cartier I think….) and Le Boudoir ( rue de l’Église) kind of bistro Lounge are also a nice places to pick up girlz…


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