I'm not one much to start new conversations, but I just had a near perfect hobby day and had to recognize it properly.

First, an afternoon session with one of the hottest women I've ever met. Truly DDG a 9 - 9.5. Think 21 year old blonde tan natural DD busty Kate Upton, Ivanka Trump or Pamela Anderson level. I was more keenly aware of the quickly passing time as I realized I was in the presence of greatness. Top 5 all time in this category.

Then tonight, a very attractive GND girl with a great aura, calm, giving, completely GFE. Probably top 10 all time in this category.

Neither session perfect, but together on the same day make it an almost perfect day. And when I say top, my frame of reference for escorts is several hundred at least.

Funny thing about days like this, they can bring your desires to a screeching halt, at least temporarily. I have a full week left in town, a generous budget, and a long TDL I prepared in advance. The top agencies will be posting their lineups for tomorrow soon, but I'm not concerned about missing out. At least tomorrow.