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Thread: can you spot a bogus review?

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    Question can you spot a bogus review?

    Now I know everyone is skeptical of a good review by a new hobbyist... that isn't hard to discern... but I am referring particularly to being able to get a handle on 'real' hobbyists as opposed to weeding out a shill. In all honesty, shills have at least some basis in truth, even if it is considered limited. Can you spot a fake?

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    Thats an interesting approach sapman99 and honestly I agree with it. Thats a bit of why I only have a few reviews to my name over the (I'm guessing), 6-8 yrs I've been a member of this board(under a couple names-during the Good Sam times).

    If someone were to look at my postings (when I do post, not often at all) they would say , 'noob' or maybe, 'shill'. I don't like to repeat whats been said many times before.

    Why am I writing this? I have no idea. It lacks cohesion, clarity and any take-away message. Just possibly though, after reading this board for A LONG TIME, I might speculate that ' Caveat emptor '. Or maybe more accurately, 'borrower beware'

    Just some random thoughts.....'Flame on !'.


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    There are a few ways to get around this.

    Have you seen the same girls the poster has?
    If so do your observations confirm his & vice versa?

    As for someone posting always from the same agency. There is nothing wrong with that.

    As for flattering reviews. Some guys can get quite lengthy and literary.

    As for multiple posters all reviewing the same girl. And this girl is portrayed as fantasticly good and expensive. The only thing to do is go see.

    As for disappointing SP. That reminds me. I have seen three girls that were 2/10 overall at 7e ciel/cloud 9.

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    A good clue to a bogus review is that its author uses the name Swissman.

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    Bogus reviews

    We're all sceptical of a review when a new post is made with much fanfare of a relatively unknown girl, but one can't really be sure can they.

    I have one clue that might help. In Graphology, the science of handwriting analysis there is a reference to con artists making small pictures into their writing, small happy faces, !!!!!!!!$#@* etc
    You cant read anyone's handwriting on here, but if they have alot of happy faces and needless icons then that might be a definite clue that it is from a character with con artist characteristics and "alor" they're bogus
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    you forget one thing, some people, even legit posters on the boards are addicted to smileys so you can't really hold that fact true
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    Bogus reviews are usually easy to spot.

    1. They're mostly written by first time or little-known posters. That's not always true of course, but it's definitely a clue.

    2. The ladies being reviewed are often new or unknown. The combination of a new lady, unknown reviewer and great review is highly suspicious.

    3. A review by an unknown poster that is at odds with several previous reviews of the lady in question (one positive among several negatives, or vice-versa) is also highly suspicious.

    4. I hav never seen a bogus review that was well-written, or longer than a few lines. Liars are nearly always lazy and sloppy.
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    Most shill reviews extol the escort without including any narrative of the session or any service description. Very few legitimate reviews fit this pattern.

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    Quite right, thanks for the correction. I got my boards confused. I think they say the mind is the 2nd thing to go... I have not been a member of this board for that length of time. No wonder you people don't seem

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    Quote Originally Posted by SMACK APPEAL
    Frozen..6-8 yrs is damn good, considering this board has only been around for a little over 3 yrs..

    This one is too funny!
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    The other type of bogus review...

    Besides the obvious shill-authored reviews, bogus reviews in my mind ought to include those written by people who, even though they did see the SP, knowingly exaggerate/inflate their experience for whatever reason by claiming they receive certain services that were never rendered. These types of reviews are a bit more challenging to fish out than the shills but are in my opinion quite prevalent and are a disservice to hobbyists in general.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gotsome
    You cant read anyone's handwriting on here
    But when a newbie poster makes a post using a statement or phrase you heard from an agency owner you have to wonder...

    is it coincidence or not? Alot of people call the agency's so you dont know if a certain catch phrase was borrowed from owner to customer...or was used by the owner(s) themselves using the fake handle.

    Only time im really concerned about this is if there are no pictures of the girl. That sends red flags a flying.

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    Putting my hat on the ring

    Some arguments:

    1. We were all first time posters at some point in time, some of us just were lucky enough to post for the first time when the posting police was not in place and migth have gotten away with exactly what we (all) are now, so diligently policing the board for.

    2. Grandfathering: The act by which if you have been on this booard since before Mathusalem (in this case the magic number seems to be between 1 and 1/2 years 3 and 1/2 years) you are automatically not only the owner of God's truths but also capable of decerning Good from Bad and bestold credibility or decern evil onto someone else's contribution migth not be the best way to promote particaption on this board. There are, still, way more people looking at this than there are contributing to it.

    3. I do not see the need to start with a bad review of someone to gain credibility on this board, if you do not have any usefull information concerning the provider for all of us, and the only thing you want to do is complain then go back to your Mom!

    Usefull information about a bad service (did not got what was promissed, did not got the girl that was offered, her service was not to par with the offer, etc) are all examples of good information that we can all benefit for.

    4. Bogus contributions can also come in the form of a bad review, from people trying to get even for something, other providers, other agencies or friends of other agencies, so the fact that the review is bad does not automatically makes it credible.

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