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Thread: Saturday night at Le Terrasse Magnetique ...

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    Saturday night at Le Terrasse Magnetique ...

    ... this had to be one of the most hysterical things I've ever witnessed in any bar or club anywhere.

    If anyone else was there at the rooftop pool last Sat. night then you'll know the story - you couldn't possibly miss it!

    An extremely drunk local Quebecois dude is arguing and screaming vehemently at the bartender. Much gesticulation & sign language going on. And of course he's speaking in French so I can't understand a word but that somehow made it even more comical.

    His antics are at first amusing but as he seems to be becoming more violent it's starting to make some other patrons, especially the females, a little bit nervous.

    Some guys hanging out near him are starting to make comments to him so he has some choice yet unintelligible French curses to sling their way.

    At some point the group of guys near him are spread out along the bar so that some of them are standing behind him. After some overly exaggerated boxing moves and some pathetically lame pseudo-karate, one guy finally decides that enough is enough. One good push and the guy goes flying into the pool.

    Well now he's not only pissed off but soaking wet as well. Since he has no idea who pushed him he's now motioning wildly and cursing out everyone at the pool ... and it was pretty crowded, too. Now he's switched to English, perhaps to ensure that even the Anglos can be equally pissed off at him. He's flipping a double-bird at the whole crowd yelling : "F*ck you all!"

    Too bad he comes across more comedically than threatening.

    More ranting & raving and swinging of arms. He pick up a chair and starts waving it over his head. Another one of the group at the bar decides he needs to cool off one more time. The guy pushes him again and he goes reeling back into the pool. The audience erupts in applause.

    Fortunately a rather large individual from security arrives shortly after this schmuck has managed to extract himself from the pool once more.

    In a very eventful weekend this performance still ranks way up there with myself & my friends as being some of the best entertainment we've seen in awhile.

    So was anyone else there that witnessed this sorry spectacle?
    - Incognito_NYC

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    Damn! I was there on Friday & Sunday.....spent Saturday in Old Mtl. Seems like i missed a good show!

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