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Thread: Bartering of Services With SPs

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    Bartering of Services With SPs

    Have any of you bartered professional services with SPs?

    I personally haven't, although I have found that when SPs learn what I do for a living, they ask me for legal advice on assorted problems that they have in their life. I give it to them, au gratis, with the caveat that I am not licensed to practice law in Canada. I have never had an SP offer to reduce her fee in exchange for such advice, nor have I requested that any SP do so.

    I think most SPs want the benefit of the professional expertise of their clients and simply ask for it, figuring they will get it without having to give up anything monetarily in return. How many clients when asked a question in their area of expertise by an SP, are going to say "sorry, you have to make an appointment with me to get that information?" The truth is most guys like to try and show off their knowledge about their business, and SPs know this. Thus I think most SPs don't need to barter for something they likely can get for free, at least monetarily.

    N.B.: I see Anik already tried to start a thread on this topic and I was curious about the response. Anik's thread was apparently deleted.
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    Pros and cons

    There are from my vantage (sp?) point, many pros and a few cons to bartering. My experience with it has been positive, but all my uses for it have been for material goods, not services, plus, I approached the subject not the other way around. Other SPs I have spoken with have had bad or "incomplete" experiences.

    -Men can more conveniently "hide" the money they are spending on SPs. Much easier to explain the purchase of an item, then to explain how 200$ went missing.
    -In some cases, a client may have been wanting to upgrade and has an old product to get rid of, or unused airmiles, unused hotel rewards - etc.
    -Ladies get something they needed or wanted, and there is just something more special about it being given to you... like someone else doing the cooking... it just tastes better! lol!

    -Not looking into the exchange hard enough - exchanging 1 hour for an item, that turns out to be very used, or badly outdated, is moot. I have heard this complaint.
    -Offering the exchange item before the date or the date before the item or service... hardly ever turns out good. i cannot explain why that is... maybe it is all about expectations, or timing, who knows?!

    There are other drawbacks I am sure and other advantages - but I want to stay on "safe" grounds with the mods - so I will end my rant there.

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    In my former job (Computer Tech) I would definately have told them to book an appointment, simply because if I'm going to be spending time with an SP the last thing I want to think about is computers and most problems require the computer in front of you.

    In Massage Therapy, the answer would be the same but only because I have professional boundaries that I can't really switch back and forth from (well I can but it makes the job way more complicated unless it's agreed upon that there won't be money involved right from the get go.)

    It would be nice though to find an SP willing to barter say 2-3 massages for evere 2 hour sessions. ^_^

    But I doubt it would happen
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    Why would SP's be different from anybody else? I've often met people who, after I told them I work in field X, will just say "hey! maybe you can help me with this problem". I think it's just normal for people to seek help from those they think can help them.

    Personnally, I just tell SP's I'm a cunning linguist.

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    Personally I am open to barter, depending on what is being offered, I can be more or less interested.

    I also accept gift certificates from various stores. (Hey if it is something I need to buy anyway, why not?)

    Anik is right on about it easier to explain away purchases than missing cash.

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    I wish I had a skill I could use for barter.

    What am I supposed to say? "Yeah, I'll defibrillate you, but you gotta blow me first"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Medic_565
    I wish I had a skill I could use for barter.

    What am I supposed to say? "Yeah, I'll defibrillate you, but you gotta blow me first"?
    A skill is good a used digital camera is better. I am not sure, but services have that slight bit of risk to it beyond a product. Mind you, if you know a plastic surgeon who can perform a great tummy tuck, I would be game immediately! lol!


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    Bartering with an SP or MP works best when a need for services or products are expressed by the MP/SP.
    I once repaired the electrical cords on a stereo and other electrical appliances for an MP without any discussion of renumeration. At the end of the repairs, she told me that she was taking note of the exact time I had spent to repair her appliances, She told me that she was going to round the time off in my favor to 2 sessions of massage.
    When she concluded the massages with the usual HJ, I gave her rabbit caged in the corner of the room the thumbs up. (As he was the culprit that chewed up her electrical cords)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ass_lover
    I told her : 'You know I'm a business man and I know that you like clothes and that you don't have that many clothes at home, so I have an offer for you'. I emptied the bags on the bed and her eyes were like those of a little kid about to open his gifts on Christmas morning. I told her: 'With the amount of money they're worth and the quality of the clothes that I gathered for you, I should be able to have sex for free for quite a while... In the end, I managed to negotiate myself free sessions for more than 9 months
    Well, why the hell not! If she liked the clothing, they fit her, and she felt the exchange was fair, well, then good for you! I am right now trying to figure out the logistics in bringing a "gifted" car across the border... it was his daughters car, he bought her a new one... so why the heck not? I need a car, he has an extra one, his daughter gets a new one... everyone wins, no?


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    Let us know when you get a mind... loser..
    I hope that at the least you got rid of the yellow stained undies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ass_lover
    Hi Anik,

    You bet! I hope you're going to get your new car. Are you gonna use its blackbook value to determine what you're going to give in exchange?
    I am getting his daughters old car... as for the value - who knows, who cares. The idea is, what is it's value to me. My sessions with him are so fun, I don't even keep track anymore (but he does) and I trust him implicitly

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    I would not barter anything wotrth more than one session.

    If I had something worth three sessions. I would only fork it over at the third session.

    I have seen one too many things and people disappear in this business leaving me with the short end.
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