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Thread: Happy Birthday Orallover

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    Talking Happy Birthday Orallover

    I have it on good authority (Tom posted on merc) that it's Oral's b-day today.
    Happy birthday orallover, may you have a great day and I hope someone puts a smile on your face! Or sits on it.

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    Happy birthday Orallover, how many years is it now, 50?

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    Smile Happy Birthday Orallover

    Remember you are only getting better.

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    Happy Birthday OL. I hope you get a dance or three to remember in the court of the Egyptian Queen.

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    Happy birthday, OL........if i'd be in your area, i'd head over to your favorite hangout and i'd buy you a drink. Have a good one!!

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    Hey OL, hoping you're enjoying your day & night! Happy Belated Birthday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by orallover
    Thank you all.
    I enjoyed myself... my left hand was very good to me tonight
    Like I said at the other place, Sometimes I enjoy being alone listening to some nice jazz, nice bottle of wine and a good that's exactly what I did.
    And also thought about this and that to reflect my past, present and future. A perfect thing to do on your birthday..


    Hapy belated birthday, all the best. BTW, you should alternate between the left hand and the right hand!


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    Wishing you a highly charged sexually adventurous year

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    Happy Birthday love

    Happy birthday Orallover,

    I'm sorry that I'm a little late with my birthday wishes.

    It was nice to speak with you the other day. I Hope to see you soon and I hope you have a year filled with all of your sweetest desires.

    Candy's Delights Thanks You
    Take a Look at the WEEKLY SCHEDULE
    or call us at 514-975-6946

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    Quote Originally Posted by orallover
    *Candy -> we will talk soon and yes, I will buy you a drink *
    Hey!! What about the rest of us?? We get thirsty too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by orallover
    Techie.... the main reason she gets drinks from me is that you kiss me my junior simply says "huh ", but when she kisses me my junior says "Hello there. I am up now "
    OL you kiss Techman ???? Yeeeeech !!!!!

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