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Thread: Lot of Guests on the Board....

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    Lot of Guests on the Board....

    Noticed that alot of people visit Merb but dont register or dont log in...

    Currently Active Users: 455 (79 members and 376 guests)

    Any thoughts?

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    We're ranked number 1 in search engine for odd and common results: like hotels for Montreal, all the massage places in Montreal, and SPs' names/agencies and any other related topics you guys have. So as soon as they hit MERB from Google, for example, the number of guests increase.

    It's easy to say that we have lurkers but it's also that people land here looking for other topics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoingittoDeath
    I only log in maybe once for every ten times I visit... it isn't always necessary to log in.
    Same here and also took me a year to register before I was just reading it.


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