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Thread: What "style" of love/companionship do you prefer?

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    Question What "style" of love/companionship do you prefer?

    I'm curious as to Merbites preferences on the kinds of outward affection they receive from SO's, and their "dirty little secrets" on the side.

    I'm not talking so much about sex here as I am about things like how someone looks at you, talks to you, touches you. Mannerisms, tone/inflections of voice, body language etc... Its really a huge subject because there are so many contexts in which we express affection, for example how someone treats you in public versus private, in a restaurant or walking down the street, in an office or in a bar, at the gym or a movie in front of family/friends versus total strangers etc...

    In addition what kinds of things do you appreciate from a lover as a show of affection? A certain song played with you in mind, a gourmet meal cooked by hand, your favorite spirit served to you upon walking in the door, a scented card sent for no reason other than to say I love you??

    Not everyone likes the same things. I was just thinking the other day how much I wish I could find a lady musician with a beautiful voice that would sing to me, I think I was subconciously dreaming of Tori Amos again. Hearing a beautiful woman play a beautiful melody on a piano while serenading me would absolutely steal my heart, next best thing I guess would be a beautiful woman playing a song like that on the stereo and softly kissing me throughout and gazing into my eyes. Some guys would puke at the thought of such nonsense and would much prefer guzzling beer with their SO at a bar, thats fine too. Its a big boat and theres lots of room.

    How do you like to be loved/showered with affection?
    "I can picture every move that a man could make
    getting lost in her loving is your first mistake

    Sometimes I think its a sin
    When I feel like I'm winning when I'm losing again"

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    Quote Originally Posted by HonestAbe
    How do you like to be loved/showered with affection?

    I am fairly independent so I do not like the clingy types. But I like that kiss in the morning and the kiss at night to tell my SO that I am glad she's in my life. As far as romantic evenings, I like a nice dinner with red wine, some soft music, lots of sensual kissing and some passionate lovemaking!


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    One of my favorite things that I did when I have had a bf, or I even do it after an overnight (after our bed is all messed up and stuff *wink, wink*) is to just sit side by side, me reading my book, him, most likely he has the sports section all over the place. My legs draped over his. It just feels so sweet, so confortable, and once in a while, we look at each other and make eye contact, and smile. That is a perfect weekend morning for me.


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    Don't have an SO. But, from SPs, the following are nice touches:

    holding hands while going to the bed
    looking into each other's eyes during climax
    equal time spent pleasuring each other (reciprocation)

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    My ex GF liked to tackle me if I was anywhere near the bed and after I rolled her off me and was on top she would crack up laughing and go into complete submission, arms resting beside a head of tousled hair. For me it's absolutely charming and endearing. Having a 105 lb guided missile coming ouy of the blue keeps one awake but the rewards were worth it.
    Confucius say: Man who take woman into house on side of hill - not on level.

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