This afternoon I was driving around Sherbrooke street past the olympic stadium, in a short strech I saw 4 signs on the second floor of stores on that street offering MP services. I have been noticing the same thing around many other parts of Montreal, the south shore and Laval.
There is an abundance of MP places and independant MPs that do not even put out a shingle to advertise their services. In April of this year I called several new MP ads in the newspapers and was intending to visit soon. I recently called 5 out of the 6 tel. numbers and found that they were no longer in service. Could it be that new comers are finding it hard to attract enough clients to sustain themselves?
We can only guess how saturated the situation realy is, as there are so statistics to make an educated estimate. I can only guess that it is at a critical situation where some MPs are leaving because they could not make enough money and the new ones entering do not realy know that they are in for a rough ride.