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Thread: Who's behind the handle?

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    Who's behind the handle?

    I got to thinking...the handle one choses and the number of posts doesnt have anything to do with what they've seen and done in the hobby.

    So started thinking it would be interesting to read about each persons background in the hobby. Questions like how long you've been in the hobby, where you've hobbied besides Montreal, do you prefer incalls or outcall, MP's over SP's, an estimate of the number of mp's and sp's you've seen, your first call....etc.

    Example...we all know Doc Hollidays name...but how long he's been in the hobby and all the other stuff you just have to guess.

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    Et voila...

    Here I am

    In the system for approx 5 years, full Montrealer
    Approx 40 Y old
    Is see approx 8-10 sp a year , most of the times HDL ( look better , smell better taste better , easier to book)
    Iím not in MILF, I prefer end of 20 to mid 30 kind of girlz

    See you in churchÖ !!!


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    Wanted to get the ball rolling before I put my two cents in....

    Started out 8 to 9 years ago...visited the falls and tried a couple Mp's and a couple Sp's (started out maybe 10~15 per year). Decided to venture up to Toronto and did more Sp's than Mp's (increased the number to about mid 30's if i was horny). Made my way to Montreal finally and havent bothered with the falls or Toronto except for a dable here and there.

    I keep my hobby to vacations only...couple times a year. Look at it like im treating myself for being good...not...

    This year would have had the usual 30 to 40 range...but german threw a curve into things. Ended up doing 50 to 60 every trip to germany. So this year i'll have possibly 120 under my belt. For a grand total of mid 200's or so.

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    I've been at this for about 2 years, pretty much exclusively in Victoria BC, with the only exception being a brief trip to Montreal last month. In that time I've averaged about 1-2 bookings a month, and have seen about 25-30 girls, most of whom have been exceptionally yummy (thanks boards!). I prefer girls between the ages of 19-23, but wouldn't shy away from anyone under 30 if I was reasonably sure the chemistry would be there. In terms of incall/outcall, outcalls are better for a variety of reasons but all the best agencies here provide both so I usually stick to incall because outcalls are more expensive. Why do I hobby? I have no trouble meeting attractive women in my "normal" life but I am at a point where I enjoy having sex/connecting with a variety of young, beautiful women and there isn't really a legitimate way to satisfy this desire without being some sort of player/deceiver/heartbreaker. One of the advantages to seeing SPs is the no strings attachedness of it. No, I don't treat them like pieces of meat-- on the contrary I have enjoyed a number of very deep connections with the women I have met, but at the end of the day we both go our respective ways and on with our lives. While I have definitely enjoyed myself certain aspects of this "hobby" are wearing on me-- namely I find myself longing for a more subtantial relationship, sleeping in someone's arms (without it costing me lots of $$$), not having to share my girl with anyone, and sexual activities that I love but would never accept from a provider (most notably bbfs).

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    Cool TheHitman

    On the way to the ring
    From Montreal, Quebec
    He is 6 5 275
    For those who dont know know what 6 5 means thats my height and 275 is the weight

    Beginning at the age of 15 I used to hang out at stripclubs and I moved my way up to the escort scene.As time progressed more and more victims fell to

    STRIP CLUBS : 50
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    Time for a recap

    I started the hobby in my teens and I realized this morning that I am in my 25th year in this peculiar activity. I thought it was time for a recap that I will share with you. I haven`t written in a while here. I got bored with the frequent lashing out of some members and the sometimes rude tone and sillyness. But here we are. I thought I share.

    I didnít keep tabs on my activities for the whole time so numbers are a bit rounded up or down. I kept a log of the last 10 years and building from that I got a pretty good breakdown. The last 6 years I noted 171 encounters and about 20 that I forgot to write down.

    Total encounters in 25 years: about 780

    100 Outcalls
    480 Incalls
    60 Streetwalkers
    120 Massage with happy ending
    20 Strip club visits with happy ending

    Some statistics:

    1x Golden shower (in Amsterdam, no repeat for me!)
    2x Spoke Greek
    55x 2 shots on goal in 1 session
    3x No shot at all
    3 sec Shortest time before SOG
    3.5h Longest ever lovemaking for 1 SOG
    180x DATY TC (including the fakers) /I enjoy doing this, if it smells nice
    50x tc
    12x bbjtccim

    Provider I repeated most:
    Massage 11x Maggie (Mikki)
    Incall 4x (Alicia and June/AC; Marylin/Private Lies, Sophie(day) Agence XXX)
    Outcall 4x (Camille(day)/Fantasme)

    Countries visited pursuing he hobby: 11
    Average encounters per year: 26 (around 30-60 in the last 6 years)
    City with most encounter: Montreal (45%)
    Money spend: 180k +
    nice SPís that put up with us: priceless

    Thanks to all providers. I hold no grudge to the bad encounters and rip offs and I remember for ever some of the best erotic encounters I could imagine.

    Don Juan

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    Quote Originally Posted by THEHITMAN
    As time progressed more and more victims fell to
    I'm sorry, "victims?"

    Hey Bruce, if colds are all you caught, I'd say you're doing well.
    Why are homely people discriminated against...we're the majority

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    Started the hobby 3 and a half years ago.
    Haven't written much on merb for a while as I am "semi-retired" from the hobby since August 2005 for personal reasons. I still read the posts several times a week.

    I probably saw 5 SPs during my first year in the hobby, mostly outcalls.
    Like an addiction, I saw more SPs more often. I came to like incalls as I found a couple of nice girls with whom I repeated several times. It was an average of 3 times a month. Once I find a nice SP, I usually am a repeater (that is why I stuck to incall for awhile)

    The incall scene started to deteriorate so I went back to outcalls except for some independents who received (Sophia's Pleasures).

    All in all in my short time in this hobby:

    I saw around 25-30 SPs (lots of repeats with some fews)
    4 Mistresses/Dominatrix (for a foot fetish that I have)
    All in Montreal except 1 SP in Sherbrooke
    Never been to/with: MP, SW, SC, TS, a merb gathering

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    Started 4-5 years ago.

    First hobbying experience :
    MP called chez Marlene on thai ever, now closed.
    Repeated many, many times !

    First Incall Annabelle who use to work from a nice condo appartment on Rene Levesque near St-Laurent... what a revelation !

    Then mostly incalls in MTL almost exclusively with A&C. Nice clean and safe place. Outcalls but in Toronto, great SP but a lot more expensive. We are lucky in MTL.

    Best Sp ever. Eva from HG in Toronto. Guys if you ever go there, book with her and you will be very, very glad you did !

    Hobbying :3-4 times a month.

    To SC, 3-4 times a year with out of town customers.
    MP : Not anymore, can't find the quality service Marlene use to provide, it was only a massage + release but totally awesome

    Overall mostly good experiences, keeps me happy and even met some pretty nice girls that I see from time to time, with no money involved

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