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Thread: Shooting at Dawson College

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    Shooting at Dawson College

    It seems that there has been a shooting at Dawson. Casualties unknown. Does anyone have any other info? Let's hope that no one has been killed.

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    Oh my God!!! where did you hear that?? that was my school, I went in there just last week, I know alot of people there!! can you tell me what you heard?
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    It seems that there are multiple shooters. From an eyewitness on CJAD at least one was armed with an automatic weapon, and he saw 5 people go down. Last police update has multiple victims at least 3 critical and they have yet to enter the building. They started firing before they entered and are still at large.

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    as far CNN goes he shot himself as per 1:56pm

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    Eyewitnesses seem to be describing at least two different shooters. Most describe someone in a long black trenchcoat with long black hair and a rifle or smg. Others have described someone in army fatigues with short dirty blonde hair and a pistol. No confirmed deaths of either victims or shooter as of yet.

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    shooters deceased

    Quote Originally Posted by curious
    Unconfirmed reports say the two gunmen are dead, four students were wounded.
    Montreal shooters dead: Police
    Sep. 13, 2006. 02:34 PM

    MONTREAL — Two gunmen who attacked a Montreal college Wednesday are dead, a television network quoted a government source as saying.

    One of the gunmen appeared to have committed suicide and the other was shot by police, RDI said.

    4 dead, 16 wounded
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    Too qwick to have the real story, from one media to another its differents story... I know someone that had to hide like about 1h and half in alexis nihon place but he been evacuated hopefully.


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    Unconfirmed: 16 wounded, 4 dead. 1 suspect neutralized, as many as 4 possible suspects. The suspects may be the 4 dead. This is all unconfirmed by the police.

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    Latest official police statement: 10 injured including 3 critical. No confirmation of the number of suspects or their condition. Situation is under control.

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    Latest official statement: 14 injured, not all gunshots - some due to falls during the evacuation - and 1 confirmed dead. As many as three shooters - unconfirmed.

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    Downtown Today

    I was in the area today, shortly after the shootings happened and before the gunmen were “neutralized”. It was a very intense scene. The police were blocking off Sherbrooke, and St. Cat’s. Droves of people were leaving the area. I passed by Westmont Square- where at that time they believed the gunman had fled to. People locked in their offices were looking down at their co-workers on the street. Everyone was on their cell phone- the network was jammed. Some were crying; I saw a man holding his head in his hands saying: “Just pray, Just pray”. There were all kinds of police- and swat teams in the area. You could just feel fear in the air. People were terrified. The Metro was shut down and it was total gridlock on the roads. Like I said before: it was intense. Everyone was very upset.


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    Situation stabilized

    It seems that according to the police there was only one shooter. The area has been secured and people are being asked to stay out of the area. One death has been confirmed and it is believed to have been the shooter. Let's hope that he is the only one who has died due to this insane act.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techman
    Situation is under control.
    CNN is reporting that a SWAT team is searching for a second gunman, on campus.

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    Only one shooter, dressed in a black trenchcoat with a short blonde mohawk

    Hope all the victims survived the attack

    Nothing surprises me anymore

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