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Thread: America is doomed

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    Interesting read.

    Pretty crazy how some foods are so fatty... I've been on a diet myself. Currently overweight, but I don't look fat I find. Just thick. Was 5'7, 203 pounds, but lost some weight and at 185 or so now. Still got at least another 15-20 pounds to lose I figure.

    But before going on the diet, never cared to notice how many calories are in anything. But since going on my diet... everything I buy at the grocery market I check to see the calories and saturated fat... crazy to think some stuff are so fattening... 1 burger... = 1000+ calories... thats insane. I'm on nutrisystem diet now, my whole day's consumption is about 1200 calories or so... that one burger better be the best god damn burger i've ever had.. if not... it better fill me up for at least a good 12 hours!

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    Yeah, I was noticing that. I mean, I can eat a Double Whopper at BK, but that's pushing it. But a TRIPLE whopper? I can't believe they even come out with that in this day and age. The Wendy's Triple is smaller and more reasonable, but a Wendy's Double is all I can handle these days.

    And there's no more Hardee's in my area, but somehow, given where Hardee's are located, it doesn't surprise me too much that they actually marketed their Monster Thickburger which is 2/3 lb.

    But hey ... if you really want a gigantic burger, try Fuddrucker's. They have a full pound burger.

    There are also some places in Texas, where if you can successfully eat a 2 lb+ burger, you get it for free!

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