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Thread: What does Walter Ulbricht and G. W. Bush have in common?

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    What does Walter Ulbricht and G. W. Bush have in common?

    What does Walter Ulbricht and G. W. Bush have in common? A wall!

    In former East Germany, Walter Ulbricht led his government to built a wall to protect his country against fascist ("Antifaschistischer Schutzwall ") of the west germany. That was his official justification, in reality it was to stop the emigration from east to west germany.

    Recently, president G.W. Bush is trying to convinced the senate and the congress to built a wall between USA and Mexico ans then to consider the same between USA and Canada. The reason? To protect the american people against terrorists. (By the way, on 9/11, they came by plane.)

    Is american people worried about the way that president is enclosing his own people?

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    I don't think Canada would appreciate it if 12 million or more Americans just waltzed across the border without any paperwork, without going through customs, etc. Including our worst criminals.

    Through warfare and hundreds of years, our border has been established with Mexico. Too many of their citizens, however, have chosen to ignore this border and come in however they please, sometimes with the encouragement of the Mexican government.

    In addition, gangs like MS-13 have now established a permanent presence in most major US cities. In addition to committing all variety of violent crimes, they set up brothels in apartment complexes, where illegal chicas do BB everything for $30 for 15 minutes!! Also, serial killers like the Railway Killer Rafael Ramirez illegally entered the US, and raped and murdered several women.

    That being said, they are only partly to blame. The majority of them are understandably seeking economic opportunity. The ones who should take a bigger portion of the blame are the American companies and individuals who hire illegal immigrants to save money and increase profits. If anything, they are the ones who should be prosecuted, but they are also the ones who make large contributions to politicians.

    Bush is not really interested in building a wall; he only says that to appease a certain percentage of his constituency. Many of his donors are the ones hiring illegal immigrants, so I wouldn't expect Bush to do anything serious about illegal immigration.
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    A big wall between Mexico & the USA exists in some areas already. San Diego & Tijuana for example. Extending it seems inevitable. There are too many people illegally crossing that border.

    As for a wall between Canada & the USA.
    First of all this is just politics to show that Mexico is not treated unfairly compared to Canada.

    It would impede the circulation of terrorists, criminal fugitives, illegal immigrants and drug traffickers in both directions.

    However it would be full of holes especially around bodies of water.
    On land, wherever it is not guarded it could easily be breeched.

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