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Thread: Halifax Review - Leanne from Park Avenue

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    Halifax Review - Leanne from Park Avenue

    Phone 466-0200.

    Receptionist is helpful and provides good detail.

    Leanne was advertised as 23 y/o, 5'3, petite frame and 120 lbs. That turned out to be mostly an accurate description, although she has a fair bit of loose flesh on her belly. She's not fat, just not fit. Proportions were good and she looked good in her jeans and top. Nice B's. She has 2 kids, one of whom is 10, so, er, so much for her being 23!! She's under 30 though, with a pretty face and smooth skin all over. Height and weight are accurate and hygiene was good too.

    Like I said, Leanne is pretty, facially, with long brown hair. Very very friendly and "normal" in terms of conversation and social interaction (ie. she's nice to talk to). She's a nice girl, very natural, and puts you at ease, although it's clearly up to you to take charge and set the tone for the date.

    No kissing on the mouth, and no anal. We chatted for a while, cuddled for a bit, she let my mouth roam all over, digits were allowed and appreciated. I didn't try DATY or ask about it, although her shaved kitty was tempting, but the loose flesh on her belly ruined it for me so I passed.

    We went on to CBJ and multi-posn. She was into the sex, although she made no bones about saying that her enjoyment varied from guy to guy, so YMMV. I can see her being strictly functional with a less attractive guy. But I was at a nice 4-star hotel, and am relatively young, fit, and cute, so she was happy to interact more passionately with me (not saying that to blow my own horn -just advising you that YMMV depending on all those factors).

    All in all, it was worth $140, but I don't think I'd repeat, simply because I like a girl to be extremely thin, and Leanne is more curvaceous. Attitude was great though, so if that's important to you, go for it.

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    thank you for this review. I had my share of bad experiences in Halifax and the atlantic in general so to get a review like this encouraging.

    I was wondering, was she a 1 SOG or is MSOG a possibility?


    Lone Rider

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    I'm afraid I'm not sure. I only took 1 SOG and didn't ask. She seemed nice though, and after my SOG, she cleaned in the bathroom then came back to bed to snuggle. So, although of course YMMV, you might have a shot at round two.

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