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Thread: good pickup bars downtown

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    good pickup bars downtown

    For all the locals, can you recomend some good bars in the downtown area for 30-40 year old men to pick up? Will be in town soon, and can't spend all my time with escorts

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    The gay part of Montreal is called "Le Village".
    It is located east of St Denis, running along Ste-Catherine, Ontario & de Maisonneuve streets I guess.

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    Thanks for the reply, but I am looking for the str8 clubs and bars

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    If you are an Anglo dude, go to Crescent Street and the places Oliver K mentioned, if you are a French Canadian dude, go to rue St. Denis.

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    Thanks for the info guys, are any night better than others, or should i just walk the strip, it looks like it's all in one area. I'll be in town Sun - Friday

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