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Thread: good pickup bars downtown

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    good pickup bars downtown

    For all the locals, can you recomend some good bars in the downtown area for 30-40 year old men to pick up? Will be in town soon, and can't spend all my time with escorts

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    The gay part of Montreal is called "Le Village".
    It is located east of St Denis, running along Ste-Catherine, Ontario & de Maisonneuve streets I guess.

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    Thanks for the reply, but I am looking for the str8 clubs and bars

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    If you are an Anglo dude, go to Crescent Street and the places Oliver K mentioned, if you are a French Canadian dude, go to rue St. Denis.

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    Thanks for the info guys, are any night better than others, or should i just walk the strip, it looks like it's all in one area. I'll be in town Sun - Friday

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    Just to elaborate a little, if you want to meet French Canadians, go east to the area around Rue St Denis. There are plenty of bars a few blocks north of St Catherine. Further north along St Denis you'll come to the Plateau which is a great area to hang out although not generally what I'd describe as a pickup area. Lots of casual bars, lounges, and pubs, some with live music.
    Rue St Laurant (north of St Catherine) has more high-end bars, lounges, clubs and restaurants which are more typical pickup places. However I prefer the places in the Plateau (and do better with the women there).
    For some reason, English speaking Americans are more popular with French Canadians than English speaking Canadians (Anglos). However given the current political situation this could change.
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