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Thread: Calgary??

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    Where could I find Info on the MP or SP in Calgary??
    Ill be in Calgary for one week in November.


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    The only agency I have dealt with in Calgary was Sweet Escape.

    It was good and I was very happy with the service. It`s been over 1 1/2 year though and I can`t remember the name of the girl, I think it was Audrey or Ashley or something like that. Service was , DATY and DFK on the menu. It was pretty expensive; $280 / hour, but worth it for the city.


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    Thumbs down Calgary AB

    hi in4hell,

    You`ll have to do a little more researching for Calgary - your choices are limited - number of MPs are consistent with size of city (population just shy of a million) and prices/options are à la Toronto. I`m a Montrealer but lived there for 1.5 years (1999-2000). Try - there is a thread on Calgary but you`ll have to sift through the information. As far as SPs go, incalls are very few and far between and for outcalls there seems to be one agency that has the monopoly on the market. Cant remember their name offhand but if I find it i`ll repost.

    Good luck!
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    Sorry, just remembered the name; Amber. She is still there I am being told.

    Hope this helps.

    Raverboy, I was answering to try to help in4hell. You're right choices are limited and expensive. But Sweet Escape was good to me.


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    All I have to say to you about this scene in Calgary, is to stay far awayfrom the SC. If SP is what you are looking for stick with that. The SC in this city are by far the worst I have ever seen. No action what so ever. Talent was attractive, butnot worth your cover charge.

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