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Thread: F1 Weekend Advise

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    F1 Weekend Advise

    I am traveling to MTL during the Grand Prix Weekend June 13-15. Looking for information on how busy the SP's and Strip Club scene is? Are the providers usually booked solid, or is it possible to find appointments with the popular agencies? How are the Off Island clubs during this weekend? I am making an assumption that in all cases they will be busy and would like to hear other peoples experiences

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    Jim, from my experience, the in town clubs are a zoo, with lineups and such. The Grand Prix club is VERY well known, and more than a few tourists make the trek. I am not sure if they girls take advantage of this fact, but I will make you a bet that they do.

    I have also seen where the clubs outside the city lose girls who come to work downtown, especially thursday to Saturday. The girls go to where the "easy" money can be found.

    Basically, avoid the NAME clubs, and go for the slightly more obscure and you will have more fun, IMHO.

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    Formula WE and Jazz Fest are ZOOs


    My experience is that formula weekend is the pits. Its equivalent to going to Rio during Carnival. All of the local services are overburdened if they are functioning at all. If you have your mind set on seeing a good provider, I'd email for an appointment now. I do that anytime I go to Montreal, or for that matter any city. Consdering that I'm going 2700 miles to enjoy the city, I like to make sure I get the best of everything it has to offer. Having a known good date lined up, can make all the difference.

    The crowd for the Jazz fest, which is the time I usually go is a little more mellow, although you can bet all the establishments are booked up. Hotels are at a premium, you name it..those cheap rates are no where to be found inside the city. In fact, I would highly suspect any agency that claims to have decent women available over that weekend at a last minute is bullshitting you..LOL.


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    F! weekend thanks

    ManAboutTown & Good Sam thanks for your advise on this topic. I will spend time off island and I have lined up a couple of independants for the weekend. If you can think of any more good but obscure clubs or young independants please let me know. I will enjoy reporting back when I return.

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