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Thread: Why dont we have this in Canada?

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    Why dont we have this in Canada?

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    I think that, as the Danes have discovered, that would cause more accidents than speeding.

    But do they do driveways?

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    copy ..?

    Oliver i didnt get it.. How can i copy this movie to a temp folder ?

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    Let us know when you get a mind... loser..
    You can also check the source of the webpage and look for something related to the movie. In this case:

    <param name="movie" value="/common/flash_flv_player/flvplayer.swf?file=/common/flash_flv_player/contents/reduce-speed.flv&autostart=false" />

    So the file appears to be located at: /common/flash_flv_player/contents/reduce-speed.flv

    By playing around with directories I found:

    And you can save the file. Then you will need an application to play the flv files...


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