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Thread: Any Calgary Info?

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    Any Calgary Info?

    I'm heading off to Calgary next week; too bad work isn't in Montreal. I figure that while I am out west I might want to indulge in the hobby, does anyone have any recommendations for a SP or where to find a good SP? The online Calgary stuff is slim pickings.


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    you should try reading up on, the west coast version of this site. It deals mainly with Vancouver-based escorts, but also Calgary and Edmonton-based ones. For quick info, you could try going on the merb/perb/terb online chat where many escorts and clients from perb appear, and ask them for advice

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    Thanks for the info Shijak... went to perb before I posted here. Nothing in the past 30 for Calgary. I will hit up the chat sections.

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    Try Perb. BTW, don't expect too much of the local scene, especially if you experienced Mtl. Much less choice, less quality/milleage and more expensive. Hobbying in the Prairies cities (Wpg, Cgy, Regina...) is tough. Edmonton seems to be the exception, but I never tried their talents.
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