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Thread: When will the Bare Bush Fad Fade?

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    When will the Bare Bush Fad Fade?

    I keep hoping the fad will reverse for a while like the width of neckties.

    Show me a girl right out the pages of Penthouse circa 1979 and I'm there!!

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    When enough gentlemen ask to see more hair.

    Ronnie, not bald,
    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    Two thumbs way up for the landing strip.

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    I like the Bare bush... when it's freshly done, smooth and clean...

    That's also the way I present myself..!!

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    My god, took me a while to understand the title...

    I like it hair-less, it's neat. Then again, never been with a girl who's not shaved (who does that nowadays)?

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    To answer your question John Cage: For starters quite a few oriental women that I can think of.

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    I hope the womans bare-bush trend ends as quickly as the womans bare-underarm trend lasted!

    "if god created anything greater then woman... he must have kept it to himself"


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    i like shaved or landing strip.. too much hair tend to smell a bit when daty

    (happy hunting)

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    If only I knew...
    Clean pussy don't smell, no matter the hairdo. I prefer at least a landing strip. No bare for me. I like trimmed, natural shaped bush. Hairs short enough so they don't get stuck getting inside, but long enough to caress and be soft.

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    When will the Bare Bush Fad Fade?

    When will the Bare Bush Fad Fade?

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    An ass crack full of hair, a jungle on the pussy, hairy inner thighs and furry navels protruding out of panties.
    Nothing that a half hour, warm water and a good gillette sensor can't fix.

    Get some meditarrean or eastern european farm girl that has never seen a magazine or a movie. You get all the the crab catching and will not hiding brush you want you sick puppy you.

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    bare pussies is the only way to go.

    I mean... who the hell likes to spit out pubes while they're going down on a girl? You ever been in the situation where you're going down on a girl, you got her pubes in your mouth, you can't exactly get it out of your mouth cause its the damnest thing to try to pick at and trying to do all of this without the girl noticing so she doesn't feel embarrassed and ruins the mood.

    Exactly. Once the girl is embarrassed, the mood is gone. Once the mood is gone, fun is ruined.

    And I dunno how many of you guys leave your pubes, forest, trimmed, shaved. But what I like on a girl, i'm assuming the girl likes on a guy also. I don't want a girl to be going down on me, and then pubes gets up her nostril or into her mouth and she stops giving head or is disgusted/annoyed with it and gives you the 30 second head.

    You know. She stays nicely clean and shaven down there, makes you enjoy your time there more. Same goes the other way around also. I figure, if i keep myself nice and clean down there, she'll lick me and suck me all sorts.

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    Landing strip

    I like the landing strip. Flossing while dining never bothered me.

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    Thumbs down It's about time!

    Little girls are bald - women have hair.

    That's all I got to say on the subject!

    Besides, I like to have something there to tickle my nose LOL
    - Incognito_NYC

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    Quote Originally Posted by incognito_NYC
    Little girls are bald - women have hair.

    That's all I got to say on the subject!

    Besides, I like to have something there to tickle my nose LOL
    Any farmer will tell you, you need to clear the field before you can plant your corn.

    Any pilot will tell you, you can't land a Boeing 747 unless the runway is smooth.

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