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Thread: Happy Birthday Redstorm!

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    Smile Happy Birthday Redstorm!

    Hey Red!

    Happy Birthday!
    Wish you all the best on that Wonderful day!

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    Happy Birthday my good man, wishing you all the best.

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    Red !!!!!

    Happy B-Day bro.....

    You better not be WORKING !!!!

    heh, have a good day and nite Red !!!!

    I'll drink a beer or 5 for ya !!!
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    Seriously Rook, I think he is working today.
    Happy birthday red! Hopefully you will be spending some quality time tonight (besides falling asleep on your keyboard, lol)

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    Thanks Everyone

    Yes, you know who is working. Working and sleeping, working and sleeping.

    Alas, I am not in Montreal. Not out with someone (you know who everyone...) for a dinner and time together. It's not my year.

    Hope Santa will be good and get me a rocket powered car so I can visit your great city every weekend.

    Thanks everyone. Have a great night and a great weekend.


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    Happy Birthday Red ! Stay Awake long enough to enjoy it !!!

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    Happy Birthday Red! Don't work too hard and save some time for a bit of fun! Have a good one

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    Happy birthday Red, here's to many more

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    Hey man!

    Have a good one Red. Enjoy this one guy! May come a time when you want to skip a few.

    Here's to you Bro: May you die in bed at the age of 95 -shot by a jealous husband.
    Confucius say: Man who take woman into house on side of hill - not on level.

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    You da man!

    One of the classiest people in MERB chat. Happy birthday, close your eyes and make THAT wish. Now put every ounce of your energy into making it happen. Who cares about the other mundane details?

    "Rien ne sert de courir, il faut savoir partir à temps"
    La Fontaine
    Une vie sans folie, c'est une vie sans goût / Life without craziness, is life without taste

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    Happy Birthday was pleasure and an honour to have met you at Celine's dinner party.

    Have a great Birthday and all the best!

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    Thanks again to everyone

    Even though I spent my birthday relatively quietly this year, I hope to make 2007 the year of less sleeping, more fun and hopefully as (another member) put it, a year I seize opportunities. And to make my wish as I blew out the candles come true...

    Thank you again every one for your well wishes.
    I checked my calendar and it's only 8 more days til Noel.
    I hope to find something under my tree wrapped in a pretty bow and not be a pair of socks or a damn Blackberry. (Blonde with blue eyes maybe)

    Have a great Sunday!!!!!!!!!

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