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Thread: Happy Birthday Miss Samantha!

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    Smile Happy Birthday Miss Samantha!

    How can it be almost 5 pm and you didn't got what you deserve so well!!

    Wishing a Great Happy Birthday for the Most Finest Lady of this place!

    At the same, all what you desire for the New Year!

    Cheers Bella!
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    Happy Birthday Samy!

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    Bonne fête Samantha!

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    Happy Birthday Samy!!!

    One of the nicest most down to earth SP's that i have ever met, may all your wishes come true.

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    All the best Samy. I've always considered it a privilege to have met you.

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    Excuse me guys, but who's samantha?

    any pic?

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    Happy Birthday, Samantha!

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    Bonne fête, jolie demoiselle....

    Happy Birthday to one special young lady in Montreal!


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    I would love to join everyone here and also a wish her a very happy birthday, but I'll wait for her REAL birthday in a few months before doung so

    To the amazing person and friend she is to me, I'll repeat here the best wishes I already gave her for 2007 last night, health, love, and everything she deserves, which is way more than what she's probably hoping for.

    I'd also like to extend those wishes to other people on this board... May all of you enjoy life to its fullest, as much as possible without worries, stress, sickness, or anything else. No one here is an angel (an definitely not me! lol), and everyone of us deserve to be happy



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    Happy new Year Samantha

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