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Thread: Any luck meeting women on LavaLife

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    Question Any luck meeting women on LavaLife

    Anyone had any luck meeting women on the Lava Life site? I set up a profile in the Dating section, I sent a message to a hot looking 27 year old chick from Montreal but haven't heard anything back yet. I suspect the pic may be a fake , do a search by nickname under "juicystar1"
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    There are many more men than women there. So this hot chick probably over 100 mesages per day.
    You need to have ime to work at it then the payoff is great. I have met many girls and most will have ex on first date if they like you.
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    Dont know about Lavalife but used to be on reseaucontact and dont expect an answer for every single message you sent out... Also did you put a pictures of yourself? if not dont expect any answers... make sure you have a nice profile, a picture and that you send a decent message to girls... and like Bob Binette said your not alone


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    I've met a few but nothing interesting... Note that I'm trying to find a soulmate so i'm not expecting much..!! But I'm hoping..!!

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