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    new member here

    Hi everybody,im a new member here and im looking around it`s been a couple month.It took me a lot of time to make a registration because i did `t no what to write exacly so i check a little bit what you guys wrote about the girls and finaly here i am .I saw a lot of people talking about montreal hot girls and i check the site and i saw this beautiful girls on the name of jen.i call the agency and i talk to i think her name was April and she told me that she`s free at 1h00 am and i book her .After reading a bunch of reviews i think that im going to be abble to write a good reviews about her tomorow.

    thanks a lot to everyone here

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    Good way to make your "first post" non-chilling. You read for a couple months and booked her ? from that agency ? ... You read really ?

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    I have to say that I consider myself more tolerant than others in this board towards newbies but: Really?????????????????????????????

    Are you f#[email protected]*! kidding me here!
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    well thanks for your answer but if i book her its because ithink that she look so beautiful, i know that she have a lot of bad reviews but im gonna give her a chance she`just the type of women that i like so for that reason im gonna past of what iused to read about her maybe she gonna be ok with me will see!!!!!!

    thank a lot

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    Take your chance...and then post your review!!!! Welcome on board!

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    thanks bro , you are the only one who give me a chance i was starting to feel very bad about my decision but im feeling better now!!!!

    she is going to be there in 15 minutes so i will put my reviews tomorow

    thank again

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    GiJo I think you are doing the right thing: call the girl you think you will connect with. After a while you will discover what you like in comparaison of what others like on this site. It might be quite different. I am looking forward for reading your review. I hope you were right!!!!


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    I tend to listen to what people on this site write. I'll discard one bad review but if a person gets multiple bad reviews then it's pretty safe to say that you're gonna have a bad time.

    Anyway, GIJoe, hope you have a great time...give her a good ramming for us
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