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Thread: What's going on at TERB?

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    What's going on at TERB?

    Anyone else locked out of our sister site? I can't get in without first donating some coin, through PAYPAL. I actually don't mind donating to TERB, but I'm worried that the population of the site will crash, and it'll just be me and a couple other guys in there. Fewer reviews, fewer silly threads, etc. Anyone else able to get into TERB right now? Thanks.

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    Keep trying. It`s some kind of hack.

    They are looking into fixing it.

    See this thread.

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    you're a hero.

    at first, I thought it was fredzed trolling for donations, and to be honest, I wouldn't be adverse to a small fee for the use of TERB. But I was worried that the money would go to a thief, ie. a hacker, which seems to be the case. Thanks for your help.

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    I just tried and the same thing happened to me.
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