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Thread: FF stockings?

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    FF stockings?

    Is there a good place in Montreal to buy fully-fashioned stockings, with a good selection? I have found nice lingerie at La Senza, but didn't see much of a stockings collection.

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    Try the internet.

    Your best bet would be to search for these retail shops on the internet, or to buy them by mail order on the internet.
    I wouldn't mind any SPs or MPs wearing these stockings, the closest I got to this was a MP that had crotchless pantyhose under her skirt to facilitate access to the BUSH lands.

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    Thanks. your should have some in there....

    The problem is that I am an American; I usually shop for them on the Internet. But a) I hate carrying them over the'd be embarrassing if they were found and b) I wouldn't mind contributing the $$$ to the Canadian economy, even if the exchange rate is currently awful for Americans.

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    I am me, too!
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    If only I knew...
    Hold on tight! We have a specialist on board! Wait till NylonLover gets here, he will probably be able to help.
    There's many sex shops in Montreal, some quite big and fashonable. There's one on Metropolitain, near Anjou if I remember correctly. Sorry, nothing more precise.

    Ant what's wrong with exchange rate? It's ok for me! (I'm Canadian currently in USA...) LOL!!

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    Here is a very nice online store to check out

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    Great link, Just....good for my wife and my GF....but when I come to Montreal, I need to shop in town. I'll use that one for when I'm home...


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    C'mon me out here...

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    Well, the only place I can think of with a fairly large selection

    is Il Bolero on St-hubert street... happy hunting!


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    Thanks, sweetie!

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    Zellers, The Bay, Simons, or go to any mall on St. Catherine St.

    La Senza and I've seen some stores in the malls that specialize in nylons.

    If you really get desperate, you can even get nylons at IGA, Shoppers Drug Mart, or PharmaPrix.

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    There are some great places for fashion nylons on Mount Royal avenue. Just start at park and work your way east.

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    I usually buy from Ebay. YOu can get all kinds of colours, and all diiferent types (stockings, pantyhose, shimmer hose, crotchless, even accessories or alternatives like kinky uniforms...

    Definitely the cheapest option (plus Ebay has so many nylon sellers it's unreal).
    I can understand that you wouldn't wanna be caught crossing the border with hose, but you can always use a completely understandable excuse. THEY ARE A GIFT FOR MY HOSE LOVING GIRLFRIEND!

    You can hit any pharmacy, or even Dollarama in Montreal. It's true that Mount-Royal street definitely has hosiery shops, so does Belanger street (one that I can remember). On Mount-Royal street (right next to the corner of st-Laurent blvd (across from the Pharmacy), there is a kinky shop that sells all kinds of hose (funky and/or sexy), as well as accessories like boas, wigs, etc... I've never actually gone in, but I should one of these days!

    The best is in Cours Mont-Royal street level.HERE'S A KINKY STORY:

    When I was younger, I spotted a BABE working alone in this hose shop. She must have been late 30's (I was about early 20's, and by chance I was dressed super-well that day for a job interview I had just gone through successfully). She had long dark hair, killer thin body, gorgeous legs in black pantyhose and sexy heels, with a skirt at her knees. I did a walk by a couple of times, and had an instant hard-on. She was just one of these women you see that you JUST HAVE TO HAVE...And i'm a firm believer that sometimes, women are completely exuding sexuality, as if they get dressed up a certain way in the morning (before leaving home), in order to possibly get laid by the end of the day...

    Anyways, after about 10 minutes of contemplating, I finally gathered enough testacles to walk in and pull a move. I told her straight up that although i didn't want to bother her and although this would perhaps seem awkward to her, I just had to tell her that her legs were superb (of course I was acting all shy and disheveled). She was thwarted by my type of comment (Ie: making a comment directly about her legs, and not her ...even though she was stunnning), but she seemed positive towards my words. Plus there was no one in her store and she seemed bored... I told her that her legs looked even better in pantyhose. It was all coming out now. I pretty much let a complete stranger know that I had a pantyhose fetish, and that she was doing it for me right at that moment...

    So I made a ballsy comment about her legs and pantyhose, and then almost immediately asked her if she'd be interested in having a drink somewhere. She paused and had an instance of (i guess) pleasant uncertainty. I'm assuming she was simply absorbing the raw information that had bestowed her ("much younger boy, asking me out based on my hot legs and pantyhose"). I had asked in that manner for strategic reasons (atleast like that, she knew where I was coming from,.......meaning I wanted to be with her based on her physicality, specifically her hot pantyhose-business look!!! Believe it or not, she agreed (remember I'm way younger than her).

    I went shopping and came back about 2 hours later per her request, although half the time, I was discretely touching my hard-on any chance I could, as I was gonna explode not only at the thought of her, but at the thought that she actually agreed to meet me (hence, subconsciously-speaking, I knew I would be getting laid). I guess, in my younger days, I was fuelled by the Marc Dorcel-esque fantasies (sexy women in hot clothing getting picked up by young, horny guys in a lingerie shop ~ a typical Marc Dorcel adult movie scenario).

    I met up with her, as she closed up her shop (actually she was the manager there). I think it was a Tuesday or Wednesday. It was 6pm. We went across the street above HMV where there was a place like Cheers (forget the name no longer exists). We had 2 drinks each, as she playfully questioned my motives (don't you have a girlfriend?, i'm older than you!, why are you going after me?, i'm 38...etc..). At this point, i was rock solid and knew I was in.....I told her that I wanted to be with her when i saw her, and that I couldn't pass her by, which was the damn truth...SHE JUST DID IT FOR ME (her look, her body, the look on her face, the pantyhosed legs, etc..)

    She was divorced at age 33 or 34, and she just wanted to be single ,apparently...She was from Belgium, and was perfectly bilingual with a small french accent. She spoke better english but still with an accent..

    We ended back at her pad near the Children's Hospital, Lambert-Closse street. By 8pm that night, I had her feet in my mouth, licking her nylons up and down. The sex was great with alot of foreplay, and she wore the nylons and heels during the act (per my request of course LOL). Actually she had most, if not, all her clothes still on til about near the end. She obviously realised that I also had a clothes fetish. IE: banging with clothes on, and just the skirt hiked up, pantyhose slid down a bit, and panties moved to the side.....That night, I got home at midnight, and my parents were smokin pissed (no cells back then, or atleast i didnt have)..I made some excuse, and went to bed and jerked-off 2 times back to back...

    I saw this woman, for about 2 months (about 15-20 hardcore acts mostly at her place, and a couple of exhibitionist moments, including a few bj's in my (family) car, and a hardcore pounding (standing doggy) at Le Lover's in Brossard, where we left the club at around 1:30am horny as hell, cuz When we were inside, we were almost up against a wall. The place was jam packed. Meanwhile, my right hand was fondling her ass like a caveman. Specifically, I was in her ass crack (over the skirt), and my middle fingers were running up and down her slit from the back, as she tried to maintain composure. I could feel her moisture and heat thru the freakin skirt..This went on, until she motioned to leave to go back to her place. So we left and went to my car which was parked in the back alley, which was a relatively dark alley.Those of you who are familiar with Lover's Brossard know what i'm talking about. The parking stretches around to the back alley, which is an extremely long and deep alley, accessible from either end... On the long walk to my car arm-in-arm, she was telling me how bad she wanted me inside her, and I jokingly said I would take her against the trunk of my car, and she dared me. That's all I needed!!! Although, it only took about 5 minutes, I pounded the living daylights out of her on that crisp spring Saturday night. Fuck, she leaned up against my trunk with her ass sticking out as I lifter her skirt (she already would wear stockings for me), and moved her thong over and began licking and eating her from the back, with the tip of my nose practically in her asshole..She was already soaked, and after about a minute of eating her, she guided me to get up so I could jam her. I never wore a condom with her, as I always pulled out. I was rock solid, and although I love bj's, I just slid my monster so deep into her and began pouncing on her discretely and viciously. The way my car was parked (ie: in the middle of the back alley), I could see ppl coming from a mile away LOL. Luckily for us, not a single person came during our 5 minute encounter, as everyone was already in the club by that time. One time, a car drove by though (looking for parking), but we just kept going, as we were behind my car, up against it!!! We just ducked a little, but the car kept going, not noticing us....VERY HOT!!!

    I was running my hands and fingers down her black stockings, as I pulled out, and she just turned around and held me tight and jerked me off as i exploded onto the concrete and fence....then went to her appartment for more action...

    After my Romanian adventure (a previous kinky youth story of mine with another older Eastern European woman), I can say that this experience came in a very close 2nd...!!!!

    She eventually told me that she had to move on with someone more her age..

    We had a 15 year difference..

    Ok, now i'm gonna jerk off!!

    Hope I answered any questions. Sorry I rambled on, I just had to share one of my few kinky stories...
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    Nice story, NLover...and thanks for the info.

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    Great story NL! YOu got me going!

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by naughtylady
    Great story NL! YOu got me going!

    YOu mean, you're masturbating?!??!?!?!?!?

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