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Thread: looking for cheap rate motel.

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    looking for cheap rate motel.

    I might going montreal for 2 days, I want to know if there is any cheap motel near the way to downtown montreal around 50 bucks a night. I am coming from Boston and only know the way to downtown montreal and I doesn't speak or read french .. Any information will be appreciated.

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    Cheaper hotel rates

    Your best bet would be to use Priceline and bid on the 2.5 star hotel, which usually is the Chateau Royal, located on Crescent Street near St-Catherine. You usually can get it for $35 US.

    Another option, would be to use Hotwire as Regnad mentionned. The 3.5 stars listed on that site are: Wyndham, Novotel, Delta Mtl. The Novotel is located right downtown, at De la Montagne, near St-Catherine. The Wyndam is further east on Ste-Catherine, close to St-Laurent. The Delta Mtl is on President Kennedy Ave., which is at City Councillors street and between De Maisonneuve and Sherbrooke streets, a short walking distance from the downtown action.

    Hope this helps.


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    thanks all for the information =)

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    How do you bid on priceline?

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    Another option, is to stay outside the island, as it is usually a little cheaper. Most of the outcalls, like Asservissante and the agency formerly known as Jacques will go to places like Brossard for no extra fee. Some agencies, like Betterhalf or Douce Folie, charge an extra 20-30 fee. But like I said, most of the main agencies will go to cities close, but off the island, for no extra fee. My favorite place is the Days Inn or the Comfort Inn in Brossard on Taschereau. The winter rates are $40-50 Canadian (35 American), and are very clean. An awesome deal and only about 10 minutes from Downtown.

    Another advantage to staying off the island: TONS of nearby incalls, if that's your thing. Look in the spreadsheet.

    The final option would be to break a window and be a squatter there until management finds out.

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    where is Brossard at? sorry I dont' know much about montreal. As I said before, I came from boston, will I pass by the Brossard on the way to downtown montreal?

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    Around the island of Montreal, there are lots of cities, and Brossard is one of them. Montreal is located on an island, which is connected to the mainland by bridges. It was founded by 7 people who were shipwrecked on it for a while until they finally got off and later came back and settled it. One of them was a professor from a University and he founded McGill University (he got the money from a very rich socialite couple; I believe they were millionaires).

    If you are coming from Boston, then you will be going the same way that I go into Montreal. As you are going north towards Montreal, you will see a sign for an exit that says "Taschereau". Take that exit and take a right. Go about 2-3 miles and you will run into the places I mention. To make sure, look up the driving info or map it yourself. It's not hard to find. You will be about 10 minutes from DT Montreal. If you are going for the sex trade, Downtown Montreal, in my opinion, is highly over rated and more expensive, although my merb brothers may disagree with me. Also it can be helluva crowded (foot and vehicle), and has parking problems at night, although not even half as bad as NY.
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    Montreal History

    Which history book have you been consulting???
    Maisonneuve in the mid 1600s had nothing to do with James McGill more than a century later...
    What's with the Gilligan's Island interpretation of Canadian history???
    Maybe you've been studying from the same well of knowledge as Stockwell Day.

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    thanks dr torpedo, that is some good info about montreal and directions. =)

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