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    this is funny

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    This is from the website, and it looks like the prank was done right in Montreal.
    MOONEY: Sergeant, I swear! Flying! With a big red cape! And bright red boots as well! Then, quick as a wink - he was gone! Flew up in the air again, he did. Like a big blue bird!
    SERGEANT: Like a big blue bird....with bright red boots! Why don't you take the rest of the night off now, Mooney. Go back to Murphy's bar and finish what you plainly started. I'll be off myself in a bit and join ya there...

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    Funny! I love that show too. It's actually shown all over the world. But you're right Dee, there have been a few times I thought they went too far. In particular, there was one instance in which a lady was asked to hold a remote controlled to a sort of crane, then they made it look like a construction worker was being inadvertantly being lowered into the canal while the lady, clearly in a panic, struggled to stop the crane from lower any further. I really felt sorry for the lady.

    However, most of the time the show is good fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee
    I love that show... best there is... I'm surprised the police don't stop them from pretending that they are the police,,, also sometimes they get a bit cruel...
    Don't worry. They even have the complicity of the police. Just For Laughs is a big institution in Montreal!

    Lots of clips are filmed in the park at corner of Rene-Levesques and Metcalfe, between the Sunlife building and the old Windsor Hotel.

    Usually, when they push the limit of cruelty, they intervene quite fast to call the joke off.

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    A friend introduced me to a new show called Killer Karaoke. This one makes me laugh every time I watch it.

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