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Thread: How To Make Money Selling Crack

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    How To Make Money Selling Crack

    First off, I wold like to apologize for the deceptive, totally useless, and inflammatory subject heading. I couldn't think of anything else to call this thread.

    I just got back from Mexico (about 3 in the morn over here), and I am about to go to Europe. SO I thought I would write a report and make some observations of about the hobby south of the border and the hobby north of the border.

    First off, my expenses to Mexico, Nuevo Laredo, all in American $, so that you can compare them to comparable Canadian costs...

    Transportation: $125
    McDonalds and Wendys: 10
    7-11: 5
    Hotel: 95 (two nights at 75 and 20)
    Taxis: 40
    Viagra and lavitra: free from friend who is a real doctor
    Tacos: 10
    Girls: one at $15, one at $20, two at $60, one really hot stripper that moved like the mother of all Mexican hotties at $85

    NL Boystown is arranged as a series of dancehalls/strip clubs/brothels. You go into a club, sit down, have drink, pick a girl, and take her to a room.

    First, I went into Papagouyos [sic] and had a beer. The first girl cam and sat on my lap, and immediately asked me, "you want me to suck your fat dick?" and rubbed me into a hardon. I immediately thought, wow, these girl are dirty. Much dirtier-both in the sexual and hygenic connotation-than Montreal girls. There was no need for code words. I fucked the hell out of that one and then went to my next date.

    One thing I notice about Montreal that is much better than Mexico is the personal integrity of the Montreal girls. When I am in Mexico, the girls try to hassle and scam me relentlessly; including everything from getting me to buy them drinks that I didn't approve to double charging by asking for money when I had already paid it. I don't know if it's just me, but Montreal whores are much more honest. I can't believe how many times I have been told by LFMJ and Asservissante girls that I paid them too much. Several times with X and Y (X and Y= my secret favorites), I tried to pull out extra money for a tip, and they made me put my wallet back. I can't imagine that in Mexico.

    Another difference about Mexican whores is that they almost never shave bald. If any of you guys like hairy bushes (not me) you'da been in heaven. I've yet to see a Montreal girl with a bush that wasn't at least trimmed.

    Oliver, as I was doing the NL equivalent of a SW, I was thinking, "man, Oliver would like it here". Then I, as I was coming, I was thinking, "man, why am I still thinking of Oliver?". NL has "door girls" who will fuck you for 20-30 minutes for $15-30. It's almost like the street experience, but legal. The girls stand in front of small rooms in the doorway (hence the name) and you walk down the row of rooms and pick a girl. It's quite fun, just to see the eye candy.
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    Good report dr tropedo. We hope that you'll also report some of your adventures in europe when you get back. maybe we should start a new thread called "sex over the world", "sexy planet", or "hobbiest globetrotter"

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    Did you get any "gear" down there?

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    Of course, DrinkyCow. Genuine Organon Nandrolone in packets of two preloads are dirt cheap. Plus they have the holographic seal, so your know it ain`t cheap Test posing as Deca. I din`t bring any back because I have too much to lose if I get caught. Winstrol is so cheap. I couldn`t find Anadrol, however. Lots of guys at my gym, especially around competition time, love Anadrol.

    Most NL women are not HDH, for sure. However, most are not the stereotypical refried bean fed mamasita (I personally have not seen any giant endomorphic mamasitas). Most are quite young and are in good shape and thin, although they aren`t thin and hard from exercise. Most are soft bodies, even if they are thin.

    The one exception was this one girl I did for $85 at TABU strip club. I paid 85 (which is rediculously high for NL, but she was hot and she knew it) and hammered out the details with her. For those of you unfamiliar, in NL Boystown, if you are smart, you will negotiate with the girl what EXACTLY you want while she is in the club sitting on your lap (and for extra thrills, I freely finger bang and feel away while I am negotiating; it`s always nice to get a digital preview). At first she wanted 100, which is the price for the ultimate stupido Americano. She then went down to 80, which was way too high, but she wouldn`t go below 80. I then told her I wanted a , COFCIM (cum on face and in mouth), I wanted ``my salad tossed`` (she said yes, unexpectedly), and finally greek (and she said no way, Jose). I also made sure that she would be naked during the session; if you don`t make sure of this, she may rake your money, hike up her skirt, and then ask you for more money if you want to see her naked (I am not kidding when I say that oyu must negotiate everything). for all that, she wanted $5 extra; hence $85. She threw in DFK during the session. normally I wouldn`t DFK a dirty Mexican whore, but this one had lips that were just asking to be smacked and tugged.

    She was an incredible fuck and gyrated like no girl I have ever seen do in montreal. As for her body, in the club, she had on a thin string bikini that looked painted-on. She has this luscious, curvacious, tight body that could`ve been in a fitness USA contest. She was just incredible (or else there ws no way I would`ve shelled out 85 in Mexico). Physically...Imagine Marie Eve, but with a prettier European Spaniard/South Mexican type face, but at 5`9, B size boobs, and a harder body.

    But you are right, the women in Mexico, generally, are not as hot as the women in Montreal. But to be fair, the pics on WSG aren`t exactly an accurate sampling. The women are much better in person, especially once oyu see a larger sampling. Most of the ones you have seen are the favorites of a few guys. Those girls are favorites because they are the hardcore whores that have no respect for their bodies and will fuck the living daylights out of you; and for some guys, that is better than the physical appearance (I have tried Janet and Luci and they are as described, and more).

    Another advantage of Mexico is that I have gotten more COFCIM than in Montreal. I almost always ask for this, and most say ``no`` or ask for more money. But you wil find many that are willing. There`s something really cool about asking a strange chick in public, ``can I cum on your face?`` and not getting slapped in return.

    Editted addemdum because I saw Olivers post just as I posted. I have a few pics, but I have a ton more from other guys (I must give credit where credit is due). You can get in trouble with the Boystown police if you take pics, so usually, I don`t take the chance. Oliver, send me a PM with your email.
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