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Thread: F1 – 2007 Season

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    Exclamation F1 – 2007 Season

    The 2007 Season of Formula One is starting this weekend in Australia.

    This marks the beginning of the "Post-Michael Schumacher Era". How will the season unfold?

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    No way Giancarlo will make it. This guy shouldn't be there. With the car he has, he should have been closer to Alonso last year.

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    Cool Perfect Debut at F1 Opener

    In his first appearance driving for Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, Kimi Raikkonen won the pole position on Saturday and won the race on Sunday at the Australian Grand Prix F1 opener at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne, Australia.

    The other big news was that rookie Lewis Hamilton jumped past his Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team-mate, the two-time defending champion, Fernando Alonso, at the start.

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    Good day today--I got my tickets for the F1 Grand Prix du Canada in the mail today. After spending last year in section 33, I've moved back to my favorite seats in section 11.

    Last weekend was a good opener. I was somewhat surprised to see Kimi run away with the race, but he is a driver of enormous talent (though not enormous dedication to his job) and the Ferrari is probably the best car at the moment, especially considering their experience with the Bridgestone tires.

    But I don't see Kimi running away with the championship. He will have to battle Massa, Alonso, Hamilton, Heidfeld, Kubica and maybe Fisichella (if Renault can improve their car). It's way too early to draw any big conclusions from Melbourne but it was a very impressive debut for Kimi in the Ferrari.

    Less than 3 months 'til the best week of the year in Montreal!
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