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    "No record is a good record!!!

    Could it happen here? A Monteal escort service owner gets pinched. To save his/her ass they sing like a canary. Client lists are sold to the media. In order to out high profile clients many innocent hobbyists names are made public. This is what is happening in Washington D.C. right now! I would bet that even some SPís from Montreal are caught up in this sting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beautydigger
    Could it happen here?

    Just look at how the cops handled the multiple juvenile prostitution cases in Montreal in the last five years. They went after the owners and girls but never touched a client.

    Also, in a case that occurred in Quebec City a few years ago they started going after a few clients but the investigation was quickly shut down when the names of an ex PM, some provincial and municipal politicians, several judges and lawyers, a couple of entertainers, and a TV personality started to surface.

    The moral of the story is that in the province of Quebec the police always play ball with those in power and never bite the hand that feeds them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equanimity
    Didn't they charge one Quebec celebrity client ? For using underage sp ?

    Not worried about normal outcall with a sp who is of age as this is legal in Canada.
    Yes Robert Gillet was found guilty

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    In the Washington case, it's the agency itself which is publicizing the names. It definitely could happen here, and anywhere.

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