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Thread: Flea markets around Montreal.

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    Flea markets around Montreal.

    I am looking for flea markets artound the Montreal area. i know there is one on the Metropolitan near Viau. I would like to know if the one that was in the Walmarts basement on Langellier and Jean Talon is still operating on Sundat mornings? Where are some of the other flea markets?
    By the way, you will find the skankiest women at these places, if your lookking for a place to oogle legs and tits, flea markets are good places.

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    Marché aux puces St-Martin Laval

    More than 400 stands.

    Schedule :
    open all year long; Thursday & Friday, noon till 9h pm; Saturday & Sunday, from 09h am till 05h pm.

    Marché aux puces St-Martin Laval
    1550, boulevard Daniel-Johnson
    Laval (Québec) H7V 3V7

    (450) 686-9394
    (450) 686-2107

    There's also a huge flea market in St. Eustache
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