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Thread: Days Inn downtown advice

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    Not close enough

    Question Days Inn downtown advice

    This would be the one at 215 Rene-levesque Blvd E.

    Anyone stay here during one of their visits to Montreal? Seems like a decent place, especially their junior suites. Do escorts have a hard time getting past the front desk to the elevators?

    Free wireless internet access, a fridge, queen-size bed, and breakfast. Seems like the perfect spot! I'm planning on booking here for my hdh date in January.

    Anyone agree or advise against this place?
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    I stayed there in Sept. The escorts have no problem getting in. The room however was very small, IMO. The Day's Inn on Guy (a few miles away) had larger rooms. But aside from room size they're pretty much the same.

    Decent stay, nothing to flashy.
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