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Thread: Profile of a hobbiest

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    Profile of a hobbiest

    I was reading the intersting posts in thread "Who met a SP he knew". "Reviewer" mentionned in one of his posts that most of the hobbiests and SPs are lonely. The issue of SP loneliness was longly discussed in that thread and fiercly denied by naughtylady

    I did not find a thread in the lounge dealing with the reasons that push some men to call a sex worker, so I started this thread.

    Loneliness could be one of the reasons, but for sure not the only one. Many hobbiests are married or have girlfriends (I inferred this info from reading their posts and I personally belong to this category). So, why do we go to meet SPs?
    The reasons for sure vary from one person to the other. I asked myself the question and got these answers :

    -The main reason is curiousity. I love the moments when the SP calls to notify me that she's coming upstairs. You find yourself waiting for sbd you never saw before. In this respect, it is a kind of adventure.

    -Getting intimate with a "stranger".

    -It happened to me to call because I was lonely, so what I was asking from the SP at those times was some affection and not sex, unfortunately many of them are insensitive to that.

    -In some situations, I just wanted to try new things (back to curiosity again) like making love to 2 girls, black girls, ...I would not ask my gf to try some of these things and it is even impossible for her to realize some other fantasies (like turning to an asian girl or splitting herself into 2 girls...).

    -A quite new reason for me is to fantasize on the pictures on a SP's web site then decide to make the dream come true and actually have sex with the girl (Some other hobbiests would fantasize on porn actressses).

    -A much less "noble" reason is the feeling of power you have when you can have sex with a girl just because you have the money to afford it. In other words, I have the money, so i can have sex with a woman in the next hour. It happened to me to do it for that, a few times (or maybe I am unconciously rejecting this fact!).

    In practice, I feel the "urge" to call a sex worker due to a combination of the above-mentioned reasons, each having a different weight. The above-mentioned reasons could be summarized into 2 categories : curiosity and search of power (in the general meaning of the term).

    Other persons might be seeking for younger SPs just to feel younger, or for older SPs because they are still stuck with Eudipe's complex and so on and so on. ..

    It would be interesting to learn why do other merbites do it

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    Well for me it's just simple...It's because I can't get reagular girls for a bar or club or from dating services so I have sex with really hot girls like you said cause I have the money for it.If a girl saw me walking down the street she wouldn't even think I had sex once but thank god for Escorts I get to have sex with really hot girls whenever I want... Peace and Take Care.
    P.s Escorts are the only girls Ive ever had sex with so what does that tell you....

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    Re: Profile Of A Hobbiest.

    Since comming over from Canbest, I noticed the Merb birthday section, where people post there birthdays/age. Based on the last few months I would say the following. First age group 35 to 55, the business man, who after several days, decides to unwind with the young sexy escort, or perhaps have a young french speaking lady attend social functions with him. Also this age group would include the weenday or weekend get away, Montreal is one of the most openminded cities in the world and alot closer than Amsterdam or Bangkok. Second age group, 60 and up. Many older guys who are healthy and may be divoriced or widowed, pass by the dating thing, yet still enjoy a romp with a twenty something lady, more power to them. Third group,18 to 30. The Tom Hanks/ Frat Boy/ Bachlor Party thing, while not a regular thing, still shows up. The Fourth group, has no age limit, thease guys just cant develope relationships with ladies their own age/social group. Well this is not a problen short term, it can do damage long term.

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    No SP is able to replace a gf. There are GFEs, but they can never reach a true relationship between a man and a woman. The missing part when you have sex with a SP is emotions. The extra part is the condom (I am not promoting having sex with a SP without a protection as this is deadly dangerous). Men who only have sex with SPs are certainly missing many things. On the other hand, a SP might be the only possible (or at least easiest) way to have sex for many persons.

    As far as I know, SPs do not like clients who show a form of affection dependency. In some countries younger SPs are taught by older ones to never kiss a client , to avoid falling in love with him. Though, I strongly appreciate that many SPs allow kissing (please don't get me wrong)

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    Well Said.

    Elfgonebad, Very well said, and how true.

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    Well, I fall under the age group 25-28 and I would consider myelf as quite fit and attractive guy... and have no prob finding a woman for a date or relationship.. but my catch is I am married and I love my wife but I am just addicted to sex with other women for pleasure (not to say that i don't enjoy my wife as I do have the best times with her also) and nothing else.... Just want to experience the sex part to the fullest...

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    Me, there only one reason: It's because I don't have girlfriend.

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    My reasons to hobby

    1) I love sex

    2) Workaholism (no time to commit to a relationship)

    3) It's almost like ordering a pizza (it's actually easier, now that i think about it)

    4) I love women and variety

    5) It's not that expensive in Mtl if done moderately


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