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Thread: newbie questions, seeking advices (first time getting an escort)

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    Red face newbie questions, seeking advices (first time getting an escort)

    i`m new to this board. And so i started looking for review sites on the web for escorts. I am really desperate for some love and company cuz my whole family left for a vacation trip, 5 of my friends went abroad for ski trips, vacation trips and such...and I have to get stuck here by myself....

    Plus i received only 1 gift this X`mas even though I bought alot of gifts and sent out a lot of cards to people... ;_;

    therefore, i decide to get an escort and get laid. I`m pretty much a virgin...I looked up many of the posts and threads here and I pretty much have an ideawhich girls are the best and gives the biggest bang for the bucks.

    anyway, before i pick up the phone and call. i would like some advices and i got some questions. anybody willing to help is very much appreciated.

    Oh before you ask, the nick is coming from a videogame, i`m 100% Canadian. And i speak French.

    ok, here goes my questions:

    1)what is DFK, SOG, LFM and YMMV? what is rimming?
    2)what is the difference between incall? outcall?
    3) how should i please the girl and make her smile?
    4) if it`s close to dinner time or lunch time, should i make something for her to eat?
    5) is it required to pay tips?
    6) would she go to my place if only i ask for only half an hr?
    7) i`m a University student, so i am not rich or anything. and i want to get laid and get the best service possible but i don`t have much money. would it be better off to get girls on the street or to my place? If it`s on the street (i heard St-Urbain and St-Denis have many hookers) how can i get to these streets by Metro? I live in NDG and therefore, i am pretty much in my own little world and dunno very much how to get to other areas even though i lived here all my life.. ~_~
    8) i dunno if i`m the only one, but as a guy, my room is very messy. does it matter? would the girls mind or anything?
    9) do the girls do titty-fu*k?
    10) if the descriptions of the spreadsheet from the link below doesn`t say it, does it mean the girls don`t do a certain something? (

    And I have narrowed down my choices to any one of the girls below, please feel freel to give comments:

    although i`m leaning toward calling Crystal right now (the $99 special fromthe regular price $160 really sounds like a good deal).
    if Crystal is unavailable, maybe i will call Melissa or Tina from ABC, since you guys have such high praise for them.

    btw, what i am looking for in a girl is blond hair, big tits, good service and good looking and young, if possible. The budget is the lower the better. but i can only pay up to 150 max.

    $120/hr, $80/half-hr, (514) 575-0001, incall
    “big breast”, 4-4-4, some-English, cbj, 2-fs

    $100/hr, $70/half-hr, incall in Longueuil, (514) 585-3344
    28 yr, 5’7, 130 lb, 36b, blonde/brown, shaved, 3-5-5, some -English, kiss, daty, tc, greek, 2-fs

    See Jasmine at Betterhalf
    4-5-5, conversation, deep-kiss, daty, tc, 2-fs

    (514) 725-0560
    “very pretty, tall, slim, long blonde hair, blue eyes”

    Jackie (Femme d’affaires)
    $140/hr, $100/half-hr incall, (514) 808-2848
    30 yr, 5`4, 118 lb, 34d, short blonde hair, 4-5-4, no-English, no-kiss, , ex-Fantasme

    Italian Girl
    $120/hr special, (514) 816-4759, outcall
    25 yr, 5`8, 140 lb, 40dd-33-36, redhead, 3-4-5, deep-kiss, daty, cbj, positions

    $140/hr, $99 special, (514) 993-0106, outcall
    19 yr, 5’9, 117 lb, blonde/blue, kiss, daty, cbj, 2-fs

    Wild Cats / Ivory
    $100/hr, $60/half-hr incall & outcall, (514) 830-3597, incall & outcall, aka Dream Girls
    Ivory, 23 yr, 5’6, 110 lb, 34c, blonde/blue, shaved, 4-5-5, daty, 69, tc, shower



    (forgot the name of the escort company):
    nadia (with breasts implants)

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    dfk= deep french kiss sog = shots on goal

    ymmv=your mileage may vary

    for outcall the escort comes to you.

    for incall, you go to the girls apt.

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    thanks a lot for your replies, guys. more feedback, pls! cuz i decideded i wanna get laid TODAY! >_<

    and Smack Appeal, i got some questions for you. you had too much jargons in the post and i didn't understand everything. so if u can clear things up for me, i would be infinitely grateful as you would be a grand faciliator of helping me get laid.

    I have no wine or chocolate at my place right now...but i do have some beer and candies (from Halloween), is that ok?


    Crystal sounds great. i hope the special is still available. but $99 for half an hr sounds like a rip-off. i thought it was for 1 hr.

    and Crystal has very small boobies or sth?

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    you can try zzcream, which is $130 cad for incall
    agencies are better than independents.

    by the way , how old are you?

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    well, i'm 23 and i am a Concordia student.

    Pintora, no, i'm not kidding when i started this thread. I am very sorry if i made that impression on you.

    23, single male, still a virgin and didn't get laid and failed on countless attempts when dating a girl since HS... I wish this could be a joke..but it's not...

    and i am pretty sure that the questions i asked may have been answered previously on this board. but i looked up the archive since last night and i couldn't find the answers. that was why i decided to make a post here.

    I just called ABC and Melissa and Tina are both unavailable and won't be til next Friday and Tuesday respectively. Oh gosh, i wanna get laid so bad! (damn my friend for dragging me to a strip club last night

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    I think you just need to get this done tonite and get over it.
    Call Satin Dreamz or any of the agencies on the home page, get a girl and pop that cherry.
    Get off the computer and just get it done already!!!!!!
    The more you hang here and ask advice the less your chance of taking care of the deed.

    If you don't do it tonite you aren't going to get it done tomorrow so spare us all the nonsense posts!

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    Incall is you go to her

    outcall is she comes to you.

    And the way you must act is just like you were recieving a friend at your place. Of course, clean the place up, you are recieving a women, not a piece of meat, you must understand that, treat her with respect and the least you can do is clean and be clean.

    Escorts are not street girls, they are not like them either, they usually have class, and are clean, i never recieved a girl and found out she was on drugs, it might happen but i dont think theres a big possibility.

    Tips is not required (usually, i never fell on a girl who asked me to tip her)

    What you find on the spreadsheet is not the ABSOLUTE truth all the time, ask her politely what her restrictions are, dont say, do you take it up the a$$.......she will probably not have a pleasent reaction, remember, they are not pieces of meat.

    Gifts ranges is usually from 140$ to 300$ an hour for outcall. Incalls, price may vary. The girl comes in, and before the service, you give her the gift, then she calls the driver to confirm everything is ok (you DONT wanna piss the driver off belive me, dont be a wiseguy). The driver never stayed in front of my door.

    There is no 30 minutes outcall, not that i know of.

    To please the girl and make her smile, treat her with respect and pray there is some kind of connection between you and her.

    do the girsl...ermm ermm....Titty F&$k, well its different with every lady.

    For the abreviations meaning, there is allready a post for it so find it.

    If i were you, i would avoid the street scene and ALWAIS wear a condom, even if the girl dosent require it (there are some girl that do blow job whitout condoms, dont even think of the whole service whitout one). I woul avoid the streets if i were you, considering you are a university student, you will probably find a women in your life with wich you want long term relationships, so catching something would really make things complicated. Be safe with that buisness, there is some dange and denying it wont make it dissapear.

    Take care, and have fun

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    I repeat- just get ti done and you will feel better and relax.

    Personally, i would look for a little older Lady around 28-30 to pop the old cherry with.

    relax, lay back and enjoy.
    Take a chill pill!

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    I would be pleased and honored to "pop your cherry', and my x-mas special at $150.00 for 1 1/2 hours is a great can check out my reviews here and see my pics on

    If you are not interested in me, no hurt feelings.

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    You will never get laid if you are this picky. Just call an agency, any agency, and pick a girl (I am sure that there are gems out there that hasn't been reviewed yet here on merb). Just pop the cherry.... Ronnie offered you her service (and from reviews I read, she is great) but I guess you didn't take her offer. Get it over with, you are starting to annoy me.

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    I also had my first sex experience with an escort, and i cant tell you i dont regret it. If its the fear of feeling low or cheap for doing this that<s keeping you away, well i can tell you it will make you feel better when you are over with this, just DONT....and i mean DO NOT get addicted to this, i got addicted to escorts at the age of 18.

    I remember when i had just turned 18, i waited 2 weeks in anxiety, and finally got pissed off and went to see an escort, then i got addicted, and i was working in that grocery store ONLY for sex, you must keep control, do not get addicted, it could destroy you.

    I got out of it and now i just come here read reviews, i think i will call an escort soon, i just cant stand having no sex, just avoid becoming a regular (1 or 2 a week) unless you are rich thats not a good lifestyle (my opinion)

    Have fun but have your fun with intelligence.

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    Woops, i meant i DONT regret it, i DO NOT regret it, bad typing.

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    I think EagerBeaver put it well.

    Being with an escort could be special and memorable, but it could be quite the opposite also. If you think that you are ready, go for it; there is nothing wrong with it! I think you have more info than me for your first visit than me when I started hobbying in 2002. Be careful though, because it is true, it is very addictive.

    PM me if you want more info.

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    Ronnie - Naughtylady

    It would be nice to loose it to a GF who will provide much more than sex but if you decided to take this route good luck.

    I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Ronnie myself, but from past reviews I think that she would be perfect for you. An independant like Ronnie would be preferable over a more business-like agency.

    She seems very genuine and attentive to needs - perfect for you.

    Hope all goes well.
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    I don't mean to sound like an asshole but after reading this thread it made me think of something... This guy's a 23 year old virgin, who is obviously overly anxious to get the deed done. He's extremely picky about the girl and doesn't seem happy with $99 for 1/2 HR... My thought is this, I would put money on the fact that he doesn't last more then 3 1/2 mins. He has built it up way too much and instead of having a nice GFE it sounds more like he's going to have a APE (American Pie Experience).

    My advice call a service find out who's working a just pick one. You're not going to find your dream girl so just settle for a decent fuck... And for God's sake calm down.

    Once again, sorry if that came off like an asshole.
    "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. They wake up in the morning and that's the best they're going to feel all day."
    - Dean Martin

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