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Thread: GT Report June 30

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    GT Report June 30


    If this should be moved to the original summer GT thread, could you please move it there.

    It was a dark and stormy night...whoops wrong window.

    Well, I'm on way back home to Toronto and as always it is sad but I always leave with good memories.

    Yesterday I decided to brave the chaos at the train station and the limited availability of hotel rooms to make a trip to Montreal. Luck with me this time.

    Back to the GT. There was going to be some very special guests so I could not resist.

    After managing finally finding HDLM, I entered at 10:15pm. I was first greeted by Qwerty. I congratulated him on his successful Quebec City GT and will try my best to attend the next one. Surprised faces at my entrance.
    There was Candy, Rook, Shijak, Sapman, WideOpen, Ronnie, Forever Newbie, Champs 1000, Regnad, and a few familiar faces but I didn't know their handles. Also some new faces on the ladies side, one from Laval I believe. It was nice to meet you Maria Divina from Montreal Sex City. I apoligize in advance for forgetting anyone. It was past my bedtime and it was a long day.

    I met Voyager, Special K and Joe T last night. Nice meeting the three of you. It was very good to see you finally Voyager. By the way I use the best Keyboard Imprint Remover in the world for my face. The gentleman who hung around the piano who I met at the last GT who attends all the big sporting events, good to see you too.

    Then walked in the always lovely and smiling Michelle Luvxxx. I greeted her with my improving French and she returned it back with a laugh and a smile.
    The LOLs are hard to translate face to face but it is always a pleasure.

    In terms of agencies, there were I believe two waves of Devilish girls and their drivers. I am very bad with names and faces. You will have to wait for the others' reports. I believe Jen was there. Don't shoot me please.
    Julie from Ecentrenix Escorts was in attendance and I believe Roxanna as well.

    It was good to see everyone. People were coming up to me, telling me you know who was going to come. It was around 11:45pm and I thought my usual bad luck was going to happen. She hadn't appeared until I hear a cry from everyone. Red, Annabelle's here, Annabelle's here. I looked around and there she was in a stunning black dress. My heart stopped and I felt my knees wobbling. People laughed and watched my reaction. She arrived with Miss Maria and Maria's friend. She looked as beautiful as always. Her smile, her..... I'll stop to save you from the ramblings of one of her longtime fans (the biggest understatement in the world). We greeted one another with kisses on the cheeks (it was in public you know). People were happy that they saw the two of us together. She and Miss Maria began mingling with the other guests.

    There were draws also for encounters with the present ladies.
    I believe I won one but with puzzling bewilderment I declined. Old habits die hard. Cassey also arrived wearing a cowboy hat which was used to draw the names for the prizes. Also, met Darrell from Magnetic again.

    It was around 1am. Good things had to come to an end and some had to leave. One of them was Annabelle. She said her goodbyes to everyone. It was nice to see her smile and hear her laugh. When it was my turn, we kissed one another (again on the cheeks) goodbye and she had once again made me reminded how wonderful Montreal is. It was very nice that for the first time we met one another at a GT. Shiijak and Wide Open I owe you guys one.

    And it was getting late (well for a Toronto boy). Alas, it was my time to exit stage left. I really wished to stay and watch the post GT events unfold. I await the others' reports for that. Sad to say goodbye to everyone but it was a great GT and I am glad I made it. I totally forgot about the lapdance I owe you Michelle. Have a wonderful time in Toronto and Calgary. Rook, always the gentleman and a cool dude. Sapman, great talking to you too. Thank you Candy and Ronnie for always making me feel welcome at the GTs. Have a good time in Montreal Voyager. My French will get better Qwerty I promise.

    I will probably have to edit this report to add some more stuff. I didn't fall asleep that much. It was a wonderful night. Have a good day and a great long weekend for those in Canada and a good Fourth of July extended weekend for our American friends.


    Living with the fact that I'm 509 km (316 miles) away from a wonderful city, fun people and a beautiful and amazing girl. The sleeping helps me forget it.
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    Thumbs down

    Won't go much into detail because redstorm pretty much said it all but it was a great GT with too many names to mention, looking forward to the next one.

    PS- That guy that won the date with Tamara was one lucky bastard, i am sure that he is going to have one hell of a time with her(next weekend baby)

    Forgot to mention that it was a real treat watching Kiki put on a lesbian demo with her friend, that alone was worth the trip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe.t
    PS- That guy that won the date with Tamara was one lucky bastard, i am sure that he is going to have one hell of a time with her(next weekend baby)
    Wait 'til that guy sees her walking into his room with the Matsuzaka t-shirt that Voyager gave her earlier this week. There isn't enough Viagra in Montreal to fix that problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmbot
    was tamara the platinum blonde in the black dress?
    I was so stunned by her looks that i can't even remember what colour her dress was but i think it was black, voyageur and others can confirm this.

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    Je pourrais dire que hier fut pour moi une belle expérience mais, trop de bruit ce n'était pas facile de parler avec les gens. et une autre petite constatation les gars vous n'êtes pas assez entreprenant vous nous laissez tout entre les mains comme si vous attendiez le messi !! oups ! désolée les gars, vous me semblez un peu gênés peut-être ou bien comme je disais plus haut il y a trop de bruit........Je suis tout de même très heureuse d'avoir rencontrer plein de gens sympathiques......Comme Roxana que je n'avais pas vu depuis longtemps..Puis la belle Candy qui malheureusement étais très occupée..Wide open toujours aussi souriant......Ronnie en passant tu étais resplendissante.
    Amélie et moi avons eu à peine le temps de savourer notre belle chambre cause d'un coucher très tô
    Merci A toi cher organisateur.......;-)
    Milles bisous Àtous et bon GT la semaine prochaine moi je serai au Blues de Tremblant......xxxxx
    Yzabel Wolf, Your gorgeous french Quebecoise
    [email protected]
    Laval, Quebec, Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by rumpleforeskiin
    Wait 'til that guy sees her walking into his room with the Matsuzaka t-shirt that Voyager gave her earlier this week. There isn't enough Viagra in Montreal to fix that problem.
    I hope she does, i am sure that she would sell it to me for literally nothing because that's all it is worth, i need some new rags to change the oil in my car(i do my own oil changes).

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    Thank you again to everyone that showed up...I'm very impressed by all the indies and agency people that showed up (we warned you guys!), there were so many from so many agencies that I didn't get to meet them all...

    The pre-GT dinner was great, I managed to change my plans at the last minute and I showed up after all...I'd been wanting to try les 3 brasseurs for a while. It's like many other restos of that type, it won't make you drop every other of your favorites, but it did the job...I got to break bread with many of the usual buddies and ladies from past GT's, and this time we got a bonus from Isabelle from Parfumdisabelle, iMaude, and Maria Divina...

    iMaude mentioned I seemed a nervous wreck as GT time approached, and she was right as I was sweating over whether or not the GUYS would come out in force...

    I got over it and we arrived at the Hotel later. The next few hours were a blur as many people showed up, the girls stepped up to the plate, and the owners did too.

    But first of all I should make a special mention to some ladies that have been many times a part of our fun, and they still deserve a lot of recognition and thanks for brightening up many of our irregular soirees: Michelle Luv, Candy, Maria, Ronnie...I hope I speak for everybody that these outings would never be as much fun as they are if you weren't there as well...

    Some other ladies have been dropping by a few times, such as Cassey and Annabelle of Montreal Secret Affairs, but the first four mentioned have been pure troopers...

    The agencies and indies were very generous to us yesterday, led by Excentrix Escorts. As soon as I spread the word that the former donated so we could have a draw, many others jumped in and a few gentlemen and ladies came away with specials and a few freebies...Big thanks go to Excentrix, Devilish Escorts, Cassey of Purrfect Playmates, Tamara formerly of Xxxtase, Isabelle of Parfumdisabelle and , oddly enough, Sapman 99 ...(eat your heart out, boys!!).

    I'll try to enumerate everybody who showed up on the pro side, and since I was too busy at one point with the raffle and missed some people , somebody feel free to add to my list:

    Michelle Luvxxx, Candy, Sweet Maria, Ronnie & Cassey of Purrfect Playmates, Annabelle of Montreal Secret Affairs, iMaude, Isabelle from Parfumdisabelle, Maria Divina from Montreal Sex City, the incomparable Kiki, gorgeous Carmen from Girls on Fire, hottie Julie & Fred from Excentrix Escorts, Heather & Sky from Devilish (I know some other Devilish girls were also there, but I missed seeing them), the totally head-turning Tamara formerly of Xxxtase, and I'm sure I'm forgetting so many others...

    The night ended well after dawn, that doesn't happen too often, but it's fun to still be able to do it occasionally...

    Well, one GT is officially over, and another one is approaching. Guys, get off your butts and show yourselves...

    But many, many thanks to those that did and had fun doing it...

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    Smile Damn

    Well, thanks to everyone who made it to the pre-GT dinner. I apologize for the confusion, it seems Rook found another “3 Brasseurs” on Ste-Catherine West. Oh well, he joined us eventually and got to sample the beer made at both places. Maybe he can review the beers now…

    Well, these events are always nice to put faces to board handles, and last night was no exception. It was nice to renew ties with many, and I was lucky enough to have hung out a little with Voyager over the last week. What a nice guy!

    Shijak made a very nice tribute to the ladies who keep appearing time and again, and I heartily second him. Our little bunch is what it is in great part thanks to you. Ronnie, you put shivers all over my arms and legs with our little game or “spin the dial”. Hihihi.

    The girls and agency reps, I am so very happy you came out. In my case at least, I can tell you it will have concrete results in time.

    Maria Divina, I had such a very nice time exchanging with you. I felt so very lucky. We have to spend more time together, that is for sure. I can tell you were “the” surprise of the evening, and not only for me. Your future’s too bright, you’ll have to wear shades! Oh and take my word for it, it is time for a new photo set for this lady. She is SO much more beautiful than the pics suggest.

    And thank you, sweet Maria, for joining us and making my fantasy of a “Maria sandwich” a reality. Marias ROCK!

    Kitana of Devilish was a big surprise for me. She looked so much more outgoing and poised than her pictures and reviews suggest.

    Amélie (iMaude) was just so stunning last night. Her eyes and hair done perfectly to outline her natural prettiness, and that plunging neckline black dress. Oh la la… Her friend Isabelle is also very cute… I caught myself looking at her across the grand piano, feeling quite a few years younger.

    And Carmen of Girls on Fire: sapman, on fire. I will finally put your agency’s number on my trusty list. I`m burning burning, burning for you...

    Shijak, you are making it VERY difficult for me to leave Montréal on the weekends, as I should be doing… How can I stay away next Saturday? Damn…
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmbot
    i'm shy i'll intro myself next week.
    heh so was I during my first GT, hence the liquid courage.

    Quote Originally Posted by johnmbot
    who were the 2 cuties standing outside @ 1:00 am w/ the guy in the baseball cap?
    Heather and Sky from Devilish

    Quote Originally Posted by johnmbot
    jen (devilish): someone mentioned you were there. if you are who i think i saw, i have you on speed dial . can somebody describe what jen was wearing, if in fact she was there.
    I met her but didna get to talk to her, just an introduction.
    She was up a stair to nowhere
    A room forever I'll remember
    She stared as though I should have known her
    Tell me what's your pain or pleasure
    Every little thing you find here
    Is simply for the thrill you're after
    Loneliness or hearts of fire
    I am here to serve all masters

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    What a fun night

    Hi All,

    What a fun night.

    I arrived at about 11pm with the lovely Roxanna to see that the GT was already in going strong. Saw many of the “Merbite GT regulars” plus some new ones…not going to enumerate all of them because I could miss someone but I hope I was able to at least say hi to every one. The Girls were out in full force wow what a site…My favs where there (you know who you are) plus met some new beautiful woman that made my head turn.

    Had really good conversations that evening and spent time with wonderful beauties. I was happy of the turn out. Was starting to think I was drinking to much ten the prizes were be drawn left and right (I won one by the way woohoo). Great night great fun so can’t wait for the one on the 7th. I left the party with a stunning lady at about 2am was the perfect end to a great night.

    Congrats to Shijak for a great GT….

    P.S. A list of the winners would be good I think….Shijak?

    Ne faites pas le mal mais faites le bien mais si vous faites le mal, faites le bien car le mal bien fait, fait du bien. (De Moi)

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    2ieme GT, premier à montréal

    Salut a vous tous

    J'ai bien aimer ma soirée à vos cotés

    Will open c'Est toujours un plaisir de converser avec toi.

    Et que dire de toutes ces magnifiques demoiselles avec qui j'ai eu la chance de converser. Wow j'ai toujours su que ces femmes était belle je découvre à ces GT qu'elle sont vraiment trippante à cotoyer, à discuter et à échanger.

    Je me remémore avec plaisir les évenement suivant dans ma soirée

    * Les discutions avec toutes ces charmantes demoiselle
    * La rencontre avec les legendes de Montréal
    * Les discutions de lecture avec Amélie
    * Les dances sur le plancher de dance
    * Le soleil qui c'est lever à mon retour en moto

    Demande spécial: il faudrais vraiement trouver un endroit pour organiser ces GT où l'on pourrait discuter sans avoir a ce crier dans les oreille. Quelqu'un aurait un idée?

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    There was so many people, it is impossible to enumerate them all without forgetting some... The ladies were beautiful and all in a happy mood! The men were gentlemen as usual (thank you)! I was suprised and happy to see Redstorm made it! Sapman, thank you for the Sirop!

    Thank you Shijak for organising the GT, we all had a wonderful evening and alot of fun!!!

    See you all again soon,
    Michelle xox

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    I wanted to add more details to this weekend’s gathering, giving proper props to the agency ladies and handlers that passed by throughout the evening:

    The first to arrive was Julie from Excentrix escorts, the rookie agency. Fred the owner has dropped by on Merb chat a few times over the last few weeks, and he did the same at the GT and likely will make another appearance this weekend with more girls in tow…Julie is a really cute former SuperSexe dancer who wore a great summertime clubbing outfit (showed off a nicely tight midsection). I went to check out her pictures on Excentrix’ website, and found her photos were nowhere as nice as the real deal…

    Thanks to Fred we also had our first lottery prize of the evening, a free hour with any one of his girls…

    Another new agency, Girls On Fire, wanted to send a representative and she was Carmen, a beautiful and tall black woman, who seemed to have loads of charm and a permanent smile during the whole evening. My eyes were riveted when Carmen met up with Kiki of Kiki’s Dollhouse, her longtime friend, as the two locked lips more than once ..

    Last, but certainly not least, the Devilish agency made a surprise appearance not once, but twice during the evening with two different groups of girls. I completely missed out on meeting the first group (but was told Kitana and Jen were among them…anyone else?)…I did approach the second group eventually and was introduced to two of Devilish’s acquisitions, Heather & Sky, who were watched over by their friendly driver ( a nice guy to boot!). Heather and Sky are very young-looking girls, dressed as if they were ready to bounce over to the clubs on nearby Crescent Street. They seemed to stay on their own apart from the rest of our crowd until I approached them and shamelessly mentioned that some other agencies were offering specials. I was half-kidding, but was surprised 5 minutes later as the driver came back to me and very generously were told by “Christ” (LOL) to offer a free hour with a Devilish Girl for not one, but 2 lucky winners…

    Whew, I think that’s everybody (I could mention Maria Divina from Jessy’s agency, but if I start doing so I might not be able to stop) …Cassey’s outfit last saturday night is also worth a whole paragraph all by itself, and she generously donated a free one hour meeting, AND a 50% off special for a lucky guy…

    Thanks to all the aforementioned people, you have my eternal gratitude…

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    Another GT


    For me, all GTs are differents. This time, the setup was excellent. I was not tired out and the pre-GT was wonderful over expectations. Thanks you Candy.

    Enough time to attend at the pre-GT dinner, I met Maria Divina for the first time. Nice to see again Amélie, Isabelle and other guys.

    At the GT, my first surprise was to see Roxy for the first time. She was very beautiful. After, I saw my friend Redstorm again and I was happy to see him with his big smile. I’m very surprised because last Friday, he told me his odds (60-40) to be at the GT. Great.

    Then, my big problem began. I want to talk to everybody but if I’m doing that then I will spend only 5 to 10 mins per person. So, I understand that Isabelle is shocked against me because I didn’t allow enough time to her. If I’m using the same stratagem as SAPMAN did with Maria Divina, so I’ll stick on the same girl all the night and talk to only one LOL. So, I’m facing with a big dilemna. But, in either cases, no one is happy but each discussion itself is particularly interesting.

    So what will be my strategy at the next GT, I really don’t know now but I’ll be there.

    After the GT, I spent a very relax morning (LOL) at HDLM and also a whole week-end in MTL. I arrived Monday in QC with a lot of « souvenirs ».

    Thank also to Shijak, THE GT ORGANIZER
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    Encore une fois mon expérience fut agréable, biensûre je me souvenais de ma lune de miel à Québec c'était difficile de se rapprocher de ce moment les partys ce suivent mais ne se ressemble pas.

    La fin de la soirée à été meilleure pour moi moins de monde et plus d'intimité.

    Je crois que ce qui me manque le plus de ne plus travailler en agence c'est tout le côté des échange social avec les filles. Miss Maria, Tamara, Anick, Min666, Querty, Isabelle, Candy, Sapman99, Ronnie, Wide Open, Michèlle, Shijak!!!! J'ai vraiment eu beaucoup de plaisir... j'étais encore une fois crevé... mais une bonne fatique! C'était pas loin de la nuit blanche! Merci à tout le monde je sais que j'en oublie, mais vous m'avez tous fait passer une belle soirée! Merci beaucoup!

    Et comme mentionne Min6666, je sais pas si je me fait trop vieille ou quoi mais personnellement je trouve l'endroit très bruyant... J'aime mieux une formule plus intime ou on est plus entre nous, je sais pour en avoir parlé à Shijak c'est pas toujours facile à trouver comme endroit, je suis peut-être plus une fille de souper en fin du compte... au moins je reste assise à la même place...

    Gros bisou et à très bientôt!
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