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Thread: Intercontinental "too" Sp friendly?

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    Wink Intercontinental "too" Sp friendly?

    So yesterday I decide to have a little afternoon fun at the Intercon. I book one of my faves.

    We are having intense 69. I'm enjoying it a lot, and seemignly so is she. So much so that she stops taking care of me to enjoy my ministrations, grinding her entire body into mine, gyrating and being quite loud. She blasts off, and simultaneously, I hear "toc toc toc" at the door, and it opens without a pause...

    I yell, "yes, what is it", thinking maybe staff was alarmed at the noise (didn't sound to me like anyone was in any pain, lol). He is in the hallway before the bedroom and hopefully not seeing us. He says "mini-bar check", yeah right.

    So I say "right now is really not a good time, please cum back later".

    Anyway, I am convinced this was on purpose. What to do, what to do...
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    Try putting the "Do Not Disturb" sign on your doorknob next time..................

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    Your Bad!

    If the "Do Not Disturb" Sign is not on the door, hotel staff are trained to knock and enter. His job is to check the mini bar, yours and those hundreds of others mini bars at the hotel. And it is not an easy job. Think of all those nuts, all those candy bars, all those potato chips that have to be accounted for in all of those rooms. It's his job, and if he doesn't do this important job, he gets fired. After all, people get upset when their cashews are not restocked in a very timely fashion. I ate my mini-bar cashews Monday night and I was very pleased that the mini-bar guy had restocked me with cashews by Tuesday morning.

    You did not put out the sign, the guy was just doing his job, I say let there be peace on Earth.
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    Maybe he was hoping that you would invite him in for the one of those European porn flicks...

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    Some people don't respect the "Do Not Disturb" sign

    After an embarrassing incident at a Montreal hotel one time, I always make it a habit of putting up the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door so that my SP visitor(s) and I do not get distracted. It has always worked and I never have any hotel staff ignoring that sign.

    The only people who don't pay any respect to that sign are the SPs themselves- that sign has not stopped a single SP from knocking at my hotel door, for the few times I forgot to take it down, luckily.
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    Most hotels have a device on the door (I think) that you can engage so no one can come it.... a chain for example...

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    The intercon does have a chain lock as well on the door. But to beat a dead horse Sapman...Put the damn DND sign on next time!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sapman99
    Got there at checkin and the girl was arriving like 10 minutes later. and yes maybe I should have done that but do you think it justifies the guy coming in ONE second after knocking?

    And there is NO WAY he didn't hear what was going on...

    But I always appreciate comments from more knowledgeable hobbyists than me.
    sapman99, I agree the "Peeping Tom peanut-guy" sure did it on purpose...

    If there is no secondary locking device, a cheap door
    stopper could do the trick. It's one of the many techniques
    used to secure an hotel room (in unsafe country). As for
    hobbying, I don't think it is that necessary.


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    Drape a condom over the outside door sure that would stop the guy in his tracks. Unless he's the condom restocker.

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    I like the Breadman's suggestion!
    At better hotels (in addition to the doorknob sign and the deadbolt - and the used condom) you can also call the front desk and request that a "do not disturb" be put on your room... This means that the hotel will not call you (or send anyone up) and will put any outside calls to your room directly into your voice mail... Very handy if you do not want to be interupted... Just remember to cancel it -- or nobody will clean your room the next day.


    PS: Don't worry -- the SP will still knock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Dover
    you can also call the front desk and request that a "do not disturb" be put on your room...
    As you post this, the call light at every front desk in the city is lighting up

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    When I saw Tamara last month, something similar happened to me as outlined in my review. Room service knocked on the door and probably might have opened the door if I didn't engage the locking mechanism/bar on the door. This happened during DATY where the television was on, my computer was playing Tamara's stripping song from the strip club so at first I wasn't sure whether it was the door or whether the knocking sound came from Tamara's stripping song. It was really weird.

    When I went to the door (didn't open it) and shouted through the door as to what he wanted, he informed me that he received a call from the front desk to put coffee filters in my room. I told him that I didn't call the front desk about this. He apologized and left. Later on, I checked the coffee filters in my room and I had plenty. After Tamara left and I went outside the hotel to enjoy some of the nightlife of downtown, I spoke with the front desk about this event and they also apologized and said that the person misheard the room number.

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    If only I knew...
    I had this happen to me before, with or without DND sign, some just insist on not respecting it. My bad for sometimes forgetting to double-lock or put the chain!

    Once, out of the shower, naked and toc-toc, maintenance, and the door opening within a split second. Barely had time to stick my foot behind the door! The old lady probably slapped her nose in the door!

    After similar incidents later on, with luckily with locks in place, I talked to the hotel general manager and we got quite an interesting discussion... The staff is trained to knock and say "room service" or whatever they're there for, wait about 10 seconds, knock again, 10 seconds and then, open the door. If the DND is on, the room should be totally ignored, like if it didn't exist, even past check-out time. They should report to their supervisor any room with DND after check-out time and administrative peoples will call the room. Unless all this fail, NOBODY in staff is allowed to open a door with DND sign.

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    Just after the girl enters the room I always lock the door and put bon the chain lock or its equivalent.... I always wonder if the girl feels a bit un comfortable with me doing that....

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    This thread reminds me of a time when at a siesta hotel, where the gent paid to stay overnight, not only did housekeeping come into to the room while we were in the middle of the action, she argued with him that he was not supposed to be there!

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