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    Thumbs up boiler room

    i have the worst experience of my life working for a call center named PROTEK PLUS located at 1400 sauve w suite number 219
    they were scamming old people on the phone for 395.00 telling them that we are a recoveryagency and money was stolen out of their account
    worst part we had theire routhing number and acccount number and asked them to confirm the numbers

    the question is how are they able to get this infomation

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoneeca
    the question is how are they able to get this infomation
    A better question is: did you report this to the police?

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    I'm with Ziggy on this one! These scammers must be put out of business!

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    Disgraceful. Absolutly disgraceful. I hate these people to no end. These old folks, who by the way are the biggest victums, are in their last years and some son of a bitch scams them. These fuckers should be arrested and forced to pay back everything to these folks who in many cases lost their life savings.
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