Let me play OTQ and start promoting the events around the 400th anniversary of the beatifull capital city of this province.

Got my hands on one of those event programs and figured that it was my responsability as a Quebequer in heart to promote the celebrations and give my fellow Americans another reason to visit the city in 2008. So here they are by month the activities the 400th will bring to you, let me start with this:



On the 31st of December 2007 at Place D'Youville, the 400th aniversary organising comitee starts the festivities with the opening event of the celebrations.

Open to all, there will be fireworks, visual effects and sound and ligth presentations to launch the 400th aniversary celebrations.

Get there early!, specially if it is warm enough as must of the party goers (December 31st is a big party nigth for people in Quebec) will be there.

If you have one of those Caribou Canes from past Carnavals, fill it up and start the party!


Then on the 16th of January the Civilisation Museum starts a presentation on what are the challanges that the city may face as it enters its 5th century. Starting on the 16th of January, it will go all the way to the 19th of April.


If you like Music, then you will like the Via Musique, a moving outdoors theatre and music show that will be presented from January to October 2008. Based on the great moments of the life of Samuel de Champlain, this could be fun to see (but I will wait to the summer to see it )

Finally from January to December in each of the townships that constitute the city there will be theatrical - musical show reinacting the Samuel the Champlain - Pierre Dugas de Mons founding of the City. Check with your local township for details.

Have a happy 400th!

Want more info, try here: www.MonQuebec2008.com


P.S. BTW, I started a similar thread on the Quebec City lounge but figured that having one here was the best way to promote, what I think should be a year long party one shoudl not miss.