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Thread: Atlantic City Info

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    Atlantic City Info

    I'm headed to atlantic city and wondering how the sp scene is and if anybody has info they could share with me. Also any hot spots with chicks.

    P.S I already did a search on this site and it was pointless, no good info.

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    MIB-look on ISG..

    I have never been there to hobby, but AC was severely affected by a serial killer that preyed on SW last year.

    Be careful



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    There are a few agencies that work AC - they have fairly good reviews on anoThER website. Heather would seen to come highly recommended according to the reviews I have read. ( - JOIE - Has decent reviews. - you should probably avoid, at least, according to the reviews.


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    other suggestions.......


    Anik is correct about ambiancegirls. I have not used them in a while but Tori was always dependable. For me, the ladies were enjoyable but definitely YMMV. Much of the A/C talent travels back and forth to Philly. If you have a laptop, bring it with you as you never know.

    Ivy is normally very good. Additionally, while you looking at the site, do not be tempted to see Jessica. My time with her was very disappointing. Nadia (not pictured, was Nikki at one time) is very good. Jennifer is amazing and no longer affiliated but works as an indy in South Jersey. Amazing……see below.


    Both Danni & Myah are a lot of fun, Bobbi normally has a members only policy but at times, depending on how booked they are, may be able to help.

    Spends a lot of time in South Jersey. Do not know if she goes to AC, but a quick e-mail to Mike will confirm. If not, go see her if she is in the neighborhood. Mike has a screening process for her, nothing complicated. Everything via e-mail and a nice guy. Jennifer is spectacular!

    If you are driving, go west………both are amazing.

    2 other agencies which I know nothing about.

    Total B/S!!!!!! Do not be tempted as they work A/C all the time.

    Honorable mention:
    Oriental Massage/609-348-6565
    1112 Atlantic Avenue

    About a mile north of the Trump Casino. Park in the back, in their lot off of Atlantic Avenue. Pay attention as all the streets are one-ways. Much more then a R/T. Not the nicest place but the girls are usually all great eye candy,…. bikinis and great tans. Service borders on great to not bad. Last time there was this spring,….attendants name was,……Yumi, Yudy, or Judy?, still don’t know,……but good fun for $2.

    safe trip,...good luck!

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    I did not like Atlantic city, you walk a few feet in the wrong direction and all of a sudden you go from Casino glitz to horrible slum. There is also an HBO directory about crack-head AC streetwalkers that is sad and does not make you want to try them.

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    Thanks a lot dudes!!!!
    I will give a report when I comeback.

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