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Thread: Devilish new lady..the honor of being FIRST!

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    Devilish new lady..the honor of being FIRST!

    Hello all,

    I am in Montreal at an internet cafe, so I cannot review this lady as I would like. But here is

    Last night I met a lady who is so new and fresh, she does not have a name yet. In my own poor reference I will call her Noelle because she was such a wonderful surprise gift. I had called for Lisa who I knew very well, but she was not available. After Mike compared the new lady to Lisa I took a chance for the first time in six years with no pictures or reviews and it was pure bliss for me.

    The lady is about 5`7 and under 110 lbs, so she is very, very slim. She has black hair with blonde highlights and a very sweet gorgeous young face. She is 18 years old and has danced at Chez Pare. What I like most about her is how she projects such a strong sensuous innocence

    After sharing some Fume Blanc, an excellent inexpensive white wine, we shared a very sensuous experience slowly undressing and caressing each other with plenty of erotic simulated sexual contact. Her kisses were light but I was immediately enraptured with their moist satiny touch. Nothing was rushed and her reciprocated responses heightened my arousal to near fever pitch. Actually she was exactly the type I had a desire for all day long and her sensual reponses simply magnified my already great attraction to her youthful beauty and sensuously innocent aura. We spent a long time indulging in erotic touching while slowly peeling each other and getting intimately acquainted with each others unique senual sensitivities.

    Now for the bland points you may be interested in. Because she did not kiss deeply or perform oral services on me I cannot call her a GFE. To be fair I did not even ask for or cbj directly and it was clear my signals were too poorly executed for a lady whose English is minimal, and whose experience as an SP was far too inadequate to understand. Daty was wonderful and positons including RCG, CG, doggie, missionary, and some deviations of various sorts were thoroughly enjoyed by both of us. Her little pants and moans seemed very genuine as she seemed to build from silent enjoyment to obvious spells of bliss.

    I want to thank Mike of Devilsh for his attentiveness to my requests and his superb judgement in this case. Remember this was her first time with anyone with me, so I hope all of you horny bastards will be as patient as I tried to be while Noelle builds a comfort level in this service. I plan to call for her again on my last night here.

    Very rushed review,

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