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Thread: Paying in US dollars or Canadian??

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    Paying in US dollars or Canadian??

    With the exchange rate at 1.05, does it even make sense to exchange money over to Canadian dollars to pay for an escort? I know alot of agency's like Asservisante has it on their website that rates are at par. If you use a bank machine and withdraw money, your going to get hit with a foreign exchange fee around 5 dollars.

    So...change over currency/withdraw from atm's in Canada...or use US currency?

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    Use Canadian currency.

    1) If you have an account with BoA, you can use Scotia Bank ATMs for free. No fees whatsoever. So you would still come out ahead.

    2) Agencies/SPs don't like it when you use US currency, as they then have to convert it. I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped using US currency altogether.

    US currency may be commonly accepted in a border town like Niagara Falls, but for Montreal, I would advise against using it.

    3) It is respectful to use the currency of the nation you're in.

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    Doesn't matter - US$ or Cdn$ can be used at most places here right now at par - why not with escorts? The only thing I would suggest is that you ask ahead of time if they are okay with you paying US$ - only because some may not be aware as to have to spot counterfeit US$ (


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    Canadian dollar is better because even though US dollar may be at par, it may fall due to recent volotility the moment it exchanges hands .

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazingerz
    Je ne suis pas sûr que l'argent US sera longtemps accepté ici quand la valeur de notre monnaie dépassera la leur
    Ca va toujours etre accepter... les agences vont simplement en demander plus que le dollar canadiens..

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    If only I knew...
    The US$ was good when agencies and girls could still be "on top" after they paid to change it to Canadian money. Now, with the exchange rate, they might even end-up with less in CAN$ than their published Canadian rate.

    If US customers take an habit of paying in US money, I can see that soon, they'll be asked MORE, like $160CAN and $170US, because the hit from the providers will become more significant.

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