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Thread: Hotel Kutuma: Hobby-friendly?

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    Hotel Kutuma: Hobby-friendly?

    I haven't seen Hotel Kutuma (St. Denis near Square St. Louis) discussed here. Has anyone hobbied there? I'm considering booking it for my next trip.

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    I have a more general question, which bed and breakfast hotels in Downtown Montreal are hobby friendly, if any?

    Personally, I prefer them over regular hotels but assummed they would not be inducive to letting SPs come visit.

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    Tripadvisor gives this place good reviews but it does appear to be a small boutique hotel

    Wondering if anyone tried

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    Kutuma - boutique hotel

    Old question, valid answer.
    I've used this hotel a number of times and tried every class of room, with my favourite being the executive suite. Every room I believe (at least all that I've rented) connects onto a back balcony/fire escape, a great option if either of you smoke and you like multi-hour sessions which is often really appreciate by your visitor.

    The hotel is really small with 9 rooms, the staff (lol) is really friendly and very discreet if you are! And there's really no way of hiding what you're up to if you have multiple visitors or different girls (or nieces in my case) showing up on subsequent visits.

    You have to meet your visitor at the front door which is directly in front of the reception desk which shares a glass partition with a very popular restaurant, so all the patrons are also witness to your adventures. So what I like to do is to meet my visitor outside when they arrive and it gives me the opportunity to take care of the parking meter cost if your gal shows up in her own vehicle.

    I rate this place highly but it is not for the faint of hart.

    Just noticed that this thread is in the wrong forum, shud be moved.

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    Guys, there is a hotel section right below the lounge section, maybe look there for some answers,and this thread should be moved there.

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    This thread is so old that it pre-dates the existence of the hotel forum!

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