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Thread: Larry Robinson

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    Larry Robinson

    The Montreal Canadians have FINALLY announced that they will retire Larry Robinson's number 19 on the 19th of November. As a lifetime habs fan I am thrilled to know that they will honour this deserved man. It is indeed a shame that it was not done while his father was alive.
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    I agree that it's about time this is done, but it would have been much nicer if they had scheduled this event when the Devils were in town on a Saturday instead of on a Monday against the Senators.
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    Arrow Bob Gainey

    They are suppose to retire Gainey's sweather too.

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    If my memory serves me correctly Robinson went to LA in 1989-90 and still wanted the $1,000,000 that Canadian's management gave to retiring players at the time. There was a spat over this as he had not officialy retired. There were a lot of sour grapes at the time as you could imagine when it comes to that type of money.
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